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Advertise with Us

Advertising on the biggest Hungarian link diretory created especially for foreign visitors.

Aim of the site

The purpose of this site is to provide useful information about Hungary, Hungarians, Hungarian services, products for non-Hungarian speakers.

Target Audience

The site focuses on tourists planning to visit Hungary, expatriates living in Budapest or in Hungary, foreigners looking for business and investment opportunities, students and researchers who are researching topics related to Hungary, and of course Hungarians living abroad in diaspora.


The number of visitors to the site was approx. 19000 unique visitors per month at the end of 2009, but these figures are continously growing.

The majority of the visitors comes from the following countries:

  • 19% Hungary
  • 15% USA
  • 8% Germany
  • 6% UK
  • 5% Canada
  • 4% Austria
  • 3% Italy
  • ...

The languages used by the visitors are the following:

  • 52% English
  • 12% Hungarian
  • 11% German
  • 4% French
  • 3% Italian
  • 2% Spanish
  • 2% Dutch
  • ...

Values of the site

1. Consistently edited, relevant content

Unlike with many other link directories, at strict editorial policies apply, therefore only resources closely related to our topics are admitted to the link catalogue. This is the reason why search engines consider a valuable and trustworthy resource.

2. Extensive network of external links

As a result of our continous link building efforts, this link directory nowadays has more than two and a half thousand valuable external links pointing to it. This makes authoritative and significant for the search engines, as the high Page Rank values of the site's opening pages reflect.

What can this directory provide you?

1. Valuable external links from a relevant site which helps you to improve your rankings:

Since this link directory is considered authoritative and relevant by the search engines, therefore the web sites linked will get external links with a substantial value, which helps you to achieve better rankings in search engine result pages, especially for Hungary-related expressions and Hungarian-related topics. Taking into consideration that there are only a few international web sites focusing on Hungarian topics where you can appear with your links, this opportunity might be even more attactive.

2. Direct traffic:

The vast majority of the directory's visitors will visit at least one of the listed sites, therefore this link directory forwards thousands of visitors to the listed web sites.

The web sites admitted to the directory for free also enjoy  these advantages, but they appear on less pages, there are less external links pointing to them and their appearance is not as prominent as the sites promoted by the means of the following advertising opportunities:

Advertising opportunities

1. Banner — 468x60 pixels

Appears on: all the subpages of a second level category (on every page below the category). The second level categories are for instance the Tourist Information, Travel & Transportation, Accommodation, Things to See, Things to Do subcategories under the Tourism & Entertainment category. The banner is displayed in the upper part of the middle column, right below the site header.

Format: still image in pixel format

2. Button — 125x125 pixels

Appears on: all the pages below the chosen main category (eg. every page of the Tourism & Entertainment or the Products & Services category). The button is displayed in the upper part of the right side column.

Format: still image in pixel format

3. Other advertising opportunities

If you would like to advertise your site using a different format or placement, please describe your requirements and contact us for a quote!

Advertising prices

Due to the recent fluctuations of the Hungarian Forint exchange rates, currently we cannot display fixed prices in the major currencies used by our advertisers (euros and US dollars). Please contact us for actual pricing.

Payment method

Advertisement fees can be paid by PayPal or bank transfer in forints, euros or dollars.


Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact József Jároli using the following e-mail address or telephone number:
  • en {at}
  • +36-70-512-9874

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