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Agriculture & Food Industry

Forestry & Wood Industry
Paraflex Kft. - Cork Products, FAKAT Wood & Forestry Directory, Hungarobinia - Robinia Wood & Products, Blue Spruce Christmas Trees - Csönge, Forcons Consulting in Forestry & Rural Development
Wine Producers
National Council of Wine Communities, Hungarovin Winery, Varga Winery - Badacsonyörs, BB - Balatonboglár Winery, Arany Kapu - By-products of Wine-growing
Agricultural Institutions
National Institute for Agricultural Quality Control, Hungarian Scientific Society for Food Industry, Hungarian Meat Research Institute, Chamber of Agriculture of Budapest
Agricultural Machinery & Farm Equipment
Gardematic Ltd., Seed-Imex - Agricultural Machinery, Hevesgép - Agricultural Machines
Princess Showcase Bakeries, P&P Bakeries, Classic Farm - Fine Bakery