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Apparel & Textile Industry

Garment Manufacturers
Backstreet Sewing Factory - Dunakeszi, Erzsó Individual Clothes - Székelyudvarhely, SamTex Working Clothes, Sport Time - Knitwear , Easton Knitting & Dyeing - Hódmezővásárhely, Astikids Baby and Kid Clothes, Comtex Garment Manufacturing - Debrecen, Caremo Collezioni - Women's Outfits
Loidl Services and Embroidery, Wild-Disz Embroidery, Silver Stitch Embroidery, Aranyosi János - Embroidery, Embroidery Service, AEMCO Europe Embroidery Machines
Clothing & Textile Wholesale
Tiararext Haute Couture, Texepil - Wholesale Trade of Fabrics, Textil-Mix Wholesale, Oto-Tex Trading & Service - Nyíregyháza, Pannon-Flax - Győr, Ver-Ker Textile Distribution, Texteam - Textile Warehouse, Vend-Tex - Textiles for Catering - Szentgotthárd
Garment Accessories & Supplies
Mont Print - Screenprinting, Vibromat Electric Cutting Scissors, Bravo L - Swimmwear & Underwear, Concordia - Zipper Manufacturing , Bentex Retail & Wholesale, Rea Tex - Yarn Trading & Wholesale
Upholstery & Furnishing
Ajour - Wholesale of Home Textiles, Laguna - Curtains & Decor Materials, Mobitess - Home Textile Trading, Aste - Upholsteries & Draperies, ARAX Textiles , Szilutext - Upholstery Trade & Production, Gardénia Lace Curtain Factory - Győr, Rovitex Homedeko - Upholstery, Dreamplus Multifunctional Beds - Győr
Temaforg - Nonvowens - Kunszentmiklós

Temaforg Kunszentmiklós Ltd. produces nonvowens, deals with wholesale and retail trade in the international market. The company produces he following products: Geotextiles, Felts and Waddings for Furniture, Linings for Clothing, Filters, Felts for Ironingboard.

InnovaText - Textile Engineering & Testing Institute

INNOVATEXT Textile Engineering and Testing Institute - founded in 1949 - is the central research, development and testing basis of the Hungarian textile and textile-apparel industry. INNOVATEXT is the only institute in Hungary that has a laboratory accredited according to MSZ EN ISO/IEC 17025 for the testing of textile basic materials, inter-mediates and final products, textile floor-covering, textile apparel products and also involved in labor-safety conformity testing of machines and equipment. As a centrally authorized institute, INNOVATEXT is engaged in the testing of protective clothes and other personal protective equipment. In this field of activity, the Institute represents Hungary, in respect of the PPE directive in the cooperation group of EU-registered organizations. Accordingly, the activities of the Institute also cover fields such as consultation on quality control, environmental protection and recycling in the textile industry.

Hungarian Society of Textile Technology and Science

Professional non profit association of the textile clothing and textile cleaning sector, founded in 1948. The Society's objective is to convey professional information to experts and entrepreneurs active in these fields to contribute to the development and competitiveness of the textile and clothing sectors. Main activities: Organisation of professional programmes and courses, International conferences and congresses, Professional meetings, discussions, Exhibitions, work shops, Study tours and visits to factories and to exhibitions, Adult education programmes - professional courses and trainings for managers. Information and advice about the European Union.