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Casting & Model Agencies Model Database

A website for anyone who’s looking for job directly in model, host/hostess, extra, dancer, fitness and children categories. Producers, photographers, marketing specialists, national and international companies or anyone who’s interested on you can establish a connection with you and offer you jobs directly in the same categories. This is not an agency, so there is no commission, and there are no missed opportunities any more!

Allure Models

Mediating models with international experience for your company for magazin, covers, inner and fashion pages, for fashion sows, for advertisements, billboards, for calalogs. Mediating, organizin, casting hostess and host for exhibitions, parties, functions and fairs.

Art Models Agency

Art Models was established in 2001 with the idea of offering professional services to future partners and to collect the high fashion models in Hungary.

Attractive Model Agency

Women, men, stylist, make-up artist, hairdresser, become a model.

Open Casting Acting & Model Agency

Open Casting Ltd. is specialized in building connections between actors, actresses, amateur, professional and top models, children, hosts an hostesses, artistes, dancers and a different pets, and a wide range of customers. The Agency's database of thousands of people is continuously being refreshed week by week. Open Casting Ltd. is considered as one of the leading agencies in Hungary, also appearing in a number cities worldwide, thanks to Hungarian and international customers and the actors, actresses and models registered in their records.

Contact Models

ContactModels is a new modelling, hostess, and acting agency established to satisfy the needs of advertising and fashion agencies, event organizing and promotion companies, exploiting the opportunities offered by the Internet to a maximum. An interactive mediating, searching and information system created by ContactModells makes it easier, quicker, cheaper and more efficient for users in search of different characters for various purposes and people in our data basis to contact each other. On the homepage you can choose the character or person you need from among several hundreds of models, film extras and hostesses with the help of over 20 search categories. At present the database contains 200 models, and the same number of registered actors, actresses and film extras. However, this number will soon reach several thousand. The data basis for dubbing artists and dancers is also to be filled soon.

Image Model Management

Image, models, news, model search, model contest.

FACE Model Management

FACE Model Management was established in 2002 in Budapest, with one vision: to make a strong commercial agency. FACE is a Hungarian mother agency, with the purpose of discovering new faces, provide them a personalized management and place them to the best agencies worldwide. Beside providing quality models, FACE is also producing fashion shows, commercial and fashion shootings (with casting and locations, etc.).

Nadir Model Management

In this form, Nadir Model Management has started its work in february 2005, with purpose to discover new faces and beauties, and build them an international model career. At the moment, Nadir is the first and only Hungarian agency, who is not only representing their models on its website, but who is offering the full service to its clients, for selecting and booking a model through its website. The philosophy the agency is, that offering a good model is not enough nowdays, choosing the most suitable model is not easy, so hopefully with the videocastings, polaroids, composit cards and online booking functions Nadir Model Management can make your model choice easier. The site is also available in Serbian language.

Cosmodels Model & Advertising Agency

The agency was established by two Hungarian models, who worked in the international model business for years. Activities: internal and external management of models; entertainers, performers; show-girls and dancers management worlwide; model- and make up training for beginners with the participation of professional models, make-up artists and stylists; professional photography; photo shootings for advertisements, fashion photos and catalogues; organization of fashion shows; organization of different events for companies; organization of press conferences and product promotion shows; providing hostesses and interpreters and also lighting, sound and security for various events.

Starface Agency

The Agency founded by Attila Mercel was the first in Hungary to combine an actors and models agency with an extras casting office. With over 1200 registrered members, Starface has one of the largest talent databases in Hungary: it includes actors, models, extras, athletes and a variety of exceptional characters of all ages. The database can be accessed on the internet also. The Agency offers the following services: casting, cast management, events, fashion shows, photo shoots, studio rental, model school, management, portfolio preparation.

S. W. Casting Agency

The Agency's main activity is to ensure actors all over for filming productions, photos, both home and abroad. Actors, models registered with the Agency regularly travel to Spain, Italy, The Netherlands for various productions.

RiverCast Model Agency

RiverCast model agency The RiverCast Model Agency is Hungary's largest model agency (based on annual revenues). The agency provides actors and actresses for TV ads, movie productions, models for fashin shows, photo shots, host and hostesses for actual events like exhibitions, press briefings and more. It's easy to find all kinds of girls and boys for any of today's tipical model needs in our large, 4000+ people database. From young children to old people, professional models and talented, beautyful beginners - including those with language knowledge - are all part of the Agency's resources.

Valentine Model Management

Valentine Model Management as international fashion model agency started its operation in the end of 2005 with the mission to build model career to exceptional talents. The Agency's main goal is to find, build (even change style if needed) and manage young male and female talents who are able and motivated to be professional models.

Models' Division - Model Agency

The GRIP Management Group has been serving local and international clients since 1998. The Group can and willing to manage all aspects of production: castings, locations, equipments, staff: models, actors and artists (make-up, hairstylist). Besides the production activity our models are ready to travel on direct booking and they stay for longer periods with respected agencies in Milan, Paris, Tokyo, Seoul, Istanbul, Athens, London.

Zoommodels - Model Agency

Zoommodels Model Agency is looking for new talents in the central europian region. Zoommodels works in fashion including print, catalog, editorial, runway, bodypart, showroom, fitness, fit, tearoom, lingeries; commercial including product, lifestyle, corporate, demo, tradeshow; and glamour including lingerie.

Aloha Models Hostess & Model Agency

Aloha Models is a hostess & modeling agency based in Budapest offering international jobs for professional models and newcomers with education. If you need a host or hostess, or need someone to manage a companial event or even a full marketing plan, Aloha Model's team is here to help your company.

Karakter Casting – Actor and Model Agency

Karakter Casting was established in 2004. Its mission was to find characteristic, interesting, exotic, special faces for advertising and film productions in Hungary and abroad. They are persistently building and updating our actor/actress database so the chances of finding the perfect character for an ad keeps growing. They can provide hundreds of features, walk-ons, children, students, hostesses as well.

Fashion Casting Model Studio

The agency's aim is advertising all over the place adult and young models as well as child models. This includes billboards as well as television advertising, and ads promote all types of product, such as clothes, accessories, shoes and more. They work with real people as well as characters and fashion! They have wide range of beautiful child, teen as well as adult models in their database. They are seeking new opportunities worldwide. If you have a modeling project and you need young models for the assignment, then you can find your models at this Modeling Agency.