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Film Services & Equipment Rental

Mafilm - Hungarian Film Studios

Stages of MAFILM, being the biggest ones in Hungary, are located partly in Budapest, partly near to the town called Fót that lies 20 kms of the capital. The two places were created with the idea of completion the facilities of the central-located Budapest Studio with a location and stages having greater geographic and development possibilities. Being in daily touch with film producing, having experience in international filmmaking MAFILM offers a complete range of art services. Mafilm's Scenic Library with more than 10 000 books, archive materials, documentations and photo albums helps the designers' and other experts' work. The well-prepared Hungarian art director and designers are also pleased to work in your production. MAFILM's architects and construction people build them on the highest quality level. In the wardrobe you can find more than 10 000 different styles and periods, crowd and individual costumes. The dressmakers' workshop can produce the exact period and other costumes you need for your movie. The essential basic furniture and requisitions can be found in the property room. Set dressers hire or in the workshop they make themselves the missing set dressing and prop materials. MAFILM's pirotechnicians and armourers are at home in making all kinds of artificial fires, explosions, impacts and fireworks safely and securely.

Magyar Filmlabor

Services - Film: negative developing, colour grading, negative cutting, positive copies, optical blow-up, commercial copies, projection. Digital film: Scanning - Northlight, baselight colour correction, HD services, 3D & effect, image recording - ARRI laser. Video & sound: Phillips Telecine, editing, compositing, video transfer, optical sound. Subtitling: laser subtitling, spotting. Archive works. Production services.

Focus Fox Sound Studio

fully equipped sound studio offers a wide range of possibilities to realize custumers needs.The Studio uses the international standard of Pro Tools HD system, while giving the warmth of vacuum tube technology to the recordings. Services: recording and mixing of TV and radio commercials, sound FX editing and designing, music editing, music composing, arranging. Fox Sound Studio also has a team of experienced voice over professionals, music and sound effect library. The climatisated room with it’s wooden ambiance offers a relaxed atmosphere for long hours of concentrated creative work.

Flashback Productions

Flashback offers services for motion picture, TV or commercial producer and production companies. Experienced, English speaking crew. Equipment: Camera, Lighting, Grip and Sound equipments, Locations: Tipical European and other unique locations as cities, villages, castles and the wonderful countrysides. Post production: Video, Audio, Post production /AVID media composers. Support: logistics, transport, catering, office infrastructure, accomodation, hospitality, entertainment.

Abacus Consult Kft.

Abacus-Consult Kft. is a consulting company specialising in the motion picture industry. The Company's leading experts - on assignment from the Ministry of National Cultural Heritage - have participated in the preparation and implementation of Act II of 2004 on motion pictures (the Motion Picture Act) and in the elaboration of tax benefits supporting motion picture production and the motion picture industry in Hungary, to come into force concurrently with the Motion Picture Act, from the beginning. The company provides a broad range of general consulting services primarily to its domestic and international partners dealing with motion picture production. In the framework of these general consulting tasks, the company has participated in developing a type of contract for film production activities for international customers, which allows for tax optimisation; establishing international subsidiaries of domestic film producers; elaborating the system of relationships between the parent company and the subsidiary, which optimises their business processes; preparing Hungarian film producing companies for sale; and has prepared a number of studies about the possibilities for introducing special activities of the film industry in Hungary, which are still novelties here (completion bond, online film industry database, etc.)

Sparks Camera & Ligthing Ltd.

Sparks Lighting Ltd. was established in 1992 with the help of world-renowned cinematographer Vilmos Zsigmond ASC. "Richy" Béla Romwalter has been the General Manager since 1995. The goal of the company was to provide the Hungarian and Eastern and Western European film industries with the latest, most up-to-date lighting and grip equipment and generators available for rental. In 1997, Sparks Ltd. added the most sophisticated, state-of-the-art Arriflex film cameras, lenses and accessories to its rental inventory. That same year, William F. White International Inc. became a partner. In May of 2005 Sparks became the exclusive distributor of all Panavision camera, lighting, and grip equipment in Hungary.

Light Odyssey Hungary

Light Odyssey Hungary Film Tecnology Ltd. was founded in March 2002 as a partner of Light Odyssey Incorporation. One of the owners of our company is Lajos Koltai HSC, ASC (director of Evening, Fatelessness, DOP of Being Julia, Malena, Sunshine, La leggenda del pianista sull’oceano, etc.) and Gyula Pados HSC (DOP of Fatelessness, Controll, Evening, Basic Instinct 2, etc.) The main business of the firm is the production, rent and distribution of technical equipment for the film industry. State-of-the-art European and overseas equipment that is continously being developed and expanded up to the highest standards in film and video production. Sophisticated solutions for special filming situations (underwater lighting, life protection equipment, rain and lightning machines, dollies, cranes, trusses, intelligent lights, etc.).

VisionTEAM - Equipment rental

VisionTeam ARRI Rental Partner - Budapest, Beograd, Bratislava, Sofia, Zagreb, Cameras: HD packages, video equipment, film cameras, lenses, camera support, camera acc., lens acc., video playback, diopters/filters. Light & grip: HMI lights, Tungsten lights, Dino light, Kino flo, special lights, backgrounds, light acc., grip, grip acc., generators. Photo-sonics. Crew: camera, lighting, grip, helicopter.

Filmoffice - Location finder

Database of Hungarian film and event locations.

Crews for News - Broadcast Crewing

International broadcast crewing in Central Eastern Europe. Services: photo & video location scouting, research capacities for broadcasters, international crewing and editing, satelliting live events.

HungaryLocations - Location scouting

HungaryLocations provides filming locations and location management, pre-production, production, logistics for broadcasters, advertisers and corporate clients, wishing to film in Hungary or in Central Eastern Europe. The local knowledge of the company guarantees that you will find the suitable shooting locations for film and motion picture, commercials, commercial photography, music videos, episodic television projects in Hungary. HungaryLocations presents the venues, the sight in stills plus in HDR 360 degree panoramic images so you can immerse yourself into the scene and will get the whole picture.