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Motion Picture Organizations

Hungarian film Industry Website

As a result of the professional and legislative achievements of the past year, the Hungarian film industry has had access to unprecedented opportunities. The new film law and the tax benefits connected to it may provide a new impetus for local filmmaking and a boom in subcontract work and co-productions. The editors of the site are attempting to catalyse this process with the services and information offered on this site free of charge: news, location database, film industry marketplace, etc.

Motion Picture Public Foundation of Hungary

The Hungarian Motion Picture Public Foundation was established in 1998 as the legal successor of the Hungarian Motion Picture Public Foundation of Hungary by The Government of the Republic of Hungary and 27 organisations of the cinema profession. The support of the production of Hungarian films of all genres, the enhancement of the distribution of productions of the Hungarian as well as the universal cinemas and the representation of the Hungarian cinema profession in Hungary and abroad are among its basic objectives. The Motion Picture Public Foundation of Hungary support all initiatives which will result in the realisation of the above objectives. For the effective and fair distribution of its resources, the Foundation has set up a competitive system in the framework of which applications are assessed by professional juries.

Hungarian Society of Cinematographers

Members of the Board, Membership roster, Sections, Filmschool, Programs, News, Events, Shop, Magazine, Forum, Patroners.

National Film Office

The National Film Office has been operating since the beginning of April 2004 based on the 2004/II annual act on motion picture. The most significant responsibility of the office is to register participants, organizations and institutions in the Hungarian film industry, as well as all the motion pictures produced, distributed (in VHS or DVD form) and screened in movie theatres in the country. Enterprises and companies producing motion pictures or film distributors requesting state provisions can only acquire it in case they are in possession of the registration assessment from the Film Office. The Film Office, as also stated in the Film Act, oversees the legitimacy of tax exemptions after private funds invested in Hungarian film productions. In addition, it is the Film Office that operates the Rating Committee and the Film Profession Committee. The Rating Committee puts all films that are for movie distribution or VHS and DVD publishing into five different categories in order to protect the under aged children and also for the notification of parents and schools. The Film Profession Committee decides upon the 'art' classification of movies to be distributed. The motion picture associations or films are registered in the databank of the Film Office from the 2nd half of 2004.

Magyar Filmunió

Magyar Filmunió was established in 1992 by the Motion Picture Public Foundation of Hungary for the promotion of the Hungarian cinematography throughout the world. The main fields of activity of the company: organisation of the participation of Hungarian films (feature films, shorts, documentaries and animation) at international film festivals; organisation of retrospective screenings and national film weeks abroad; organisation of the Hungarian Film Week, the national film festival; contact and collaboration on a regular bases with international professional organisations and with national cinema and audiovisual bodies world-wide; organisation of conferences, workshops and meetings of the audiovisual sector; acting as a switchboard between Hungarian industry professionals and their partners abroad.

Cinefest - Miskolc

CineFest International Festival of Young Filmmakers - Name a place where representatives of professional organizations, critics, international and national directors, cameramen, producers are partying all night long. In Miskolc, young filmmakers find a home. By the success of the last three year, the festival has now a very good reputation not only in the region and in Hungary but also worldwide. Within the frameworks of the CineFest the international competitors compete in all categories of filmmaking: long feature films, short feature films, experimental films, animations and documentaries. The prizes are given by an international board in each and every category, together with the main prize of the Festival and with special prizes. Those who love film can extend their knowledge on several professional and cultural events beside the screenings. Organizers also offer evening programs with music, dancing and all sorts of leisure activities.

Kecskemét Animation Film Festival

Kecskemet Animation Film Festival (KAFF) is two festivals in parallel: the festival of Hungarian animation films and the international festival of European animation cinema and television feature films. In addition to the film screenings musical and theatrical shows, exhibitions and professional discussions take place in Kecskemét which is a small town with a hundred thousand inhabitants, with several arts workshops and with a lively cultural life, 80 km south of Budapest.

Film and Media

Film and Media was established in 2005, by film professionals and technical staff. The team consists of scriptwriters, cameramen, composers and technical experts. All aspects of movie and multimedia are included in their services: Advertising, Events, Reference and Training films, Post-production, music, narration, subtitles, animation, Studio Services