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Studios & Production Companies


The profile of Cinema-Film is preparing, organising and making feature films, television films, live broadcasts, short films (documentary, popular-scientific, educational, etc.) and cultural events.

Cinemon Entertainment

CINEMON Entertainment has been established in September 1996, under the name of RHO and worked continuously for the German media company TV-Loonland AG. Munich, and its animation studios in Budapest. CINEMON has been working individually since 2002 as an animation studio as well as a production house with its own productions. CINEMON collaborates with close postproduction studio including 3D department, digital ink & paint, composite sound & picture editing and voice recordings departments which allowed a complete animation production chain in house.

Character Film

Character Film was founded in 2001 to hold on in the world of feature films and the commercial media. Services offered: production of music video, commercial, television program from the idea to the whole creation, any other part-work on shootings of another creator groups, or complete technical crew either.

Engram Film

Engram Film an independent production and distribution company was founded in 1995 with the aim of creating quality films and television productions. The firm wishes to focus on creative thought and originality of form and is open to all topics and genres. In setting up a project a great deal of emphasis is placed on international co-production. Besides producing its own films, the firm supplies services to foreign crews shooting in Hungary.

Filmart Filmstudio

Jenő Hábermann, founder and CEO of the company has been working in the field of film production since 1970, first as a location manager, then as a production manager and now as an independent producer. He has valuably contributed to 30 feature films (working for such renowned filmmakers like Zoltán Fábri, András Kovács, Jean Dellanoy, György Illés, István Szőts, just to name a few).


Filmpartners is one of the largest film production companies, founded in 1993, taking a leading role in the dynamic Hungarian feature and commercial film industry. With a yearly turnover of app. 4 M EUR in commercial film productions, we gained a leading position in the Hungarian market. Filmpartners is also the largest private financer and private fund raiser in the local feature film industry (535 M HUF = 2 M EUR during the last 5 years).


Filmplus offers total production services for all production needs in Central Europe. Feature films, documentaries, TV commercials, music videos, TV programs, Filmplus rental.


FILMSERVICE Ltd. is a film and TV production company with a decade of history and experience in filmmaking and full service production helping clients to shot a feature, a commercial, a documentary, a TV program or a newsreel in Hungary. Filmservice can provide filmmakers and production experts, the rich knowledge of locations and infrastructure, the fast production work and reasonable prices in Hungary. In-house AVID is available for off-line edit.


The company was founded in 1993. In the beginning Filmteam was engaged in the production of video clips and television short films. The company arranges for everything to ensure the smooth production of films: Choosing locations, casting, purchasing technical and other equipment necessary for shooting, ensuring a complete shooting team, ensuring the locations, post-production.

Future Films

Showreel-commercials, presented directors & DPs, location library, partners, Hungary, feature films, photo exhibition.

Grantfilm Ltd.

Grantfilm Ltd. is a film production company founded in 2002 by Producer Endre Nagy. Mr. Nagy, with 15 years' experience as a leading commercials producer for major companies in Hungary, decided to establish Grantfilm Ltd. with the intention of making high-quality films for a large audience. The objects of the company also include documentaries, television films and commercials. Grantfilm intends to attract international stars, major distributors, and co-producers from all around the world for their projects.

I'm Film

Film production & service company in Hungary.

Inforg Studio

Feature, TV, Short, Documentary, Educations, Services, Producers, Directors.

Katapult Film Ltd.

Katapult Film Ltd was founded in October 2002 by members of the intellectual workshop of Sandor Simo, the outstanding filmmaker and teacher. After graduating from the College of Film and Theatre Arts in 2000 the eight directors and two editors decided to continue their collaboration as professionals, inviting two producers to handle the business side. Katapult boasts some of the best young directorial talent in Hungary. Members: Béla Barsi, Dániel Erdélyi, Csaba Fazekas, Gábor Fischer, Diana Groó, Szabolcs Hajdu, Réka Lemhényi, Bence Miklauzic, György Pálfi, Ferenc Török. The company's main activities are experimental, feature films, shorts, commercials and documentary making.

Kecskemétfilm Ltd.

Since 1971 Kecskemétfilm has been widely regarded as one of the flagship companies of the Hungarian animation sector coproducing with several European studios. The studio produces a complete range of products: animated shorts, series, full-lenght films, educational films, commercials in all standard formats both for the domestic and foreign markets and the complete service of post production.

Laurin - Film, Productions, Services

LAURIN comprised of Laurin Films, Laurin Productions and Laurin Services was founded in 1993. Laurin Film produces Hungarian feature films - from the development and managing of the script through production and finally to distribution. Laurin Productions deals with international co-productions - arranging the financial background of the film and providing production services in Eastern Europe. Laurin offers professional and cost-effective talent, crews and technicians while securing the best that Budapest, Hungary and Transylvania have to offer - beautiful, unique and safe locations. Laurin Services is a production service unit that works in the commercials industry.

Objektiv Film Studio Ltd.

The company deals with the production and distribution audiovisual works, mainly feature films and documentaries. The company was founded in 1976. Objektív Film Studio's have been and are still regularly shown at all the important festivals around the worls. The Studio has produced among other movies "Angi Vera" (directed by Pál Gábor), "Confidence", "Mephisto", "Colonel Redl", "Hanussen", "Sweet Emma, Dear Böbe" (All directed by István Szabó)

Pro Nobis - Film & TV Productions

Pro Nobis gave production crews to more than 60 TV productions meantime produced documentary films and commercials as well.

Strawberry Films

The key people at Strawberry Films are influential representatives of new generation filmmakers in Hungary with production and production service experience. The site offers information for filmmakers about Hungary, Hungarian locations, shooting, casting in Hungary.

Tivoli-Filmproductions Ltd.

Company’s scope of activity: producing feature films, television programs, TV-films and series, documentaries, rendering full production service (locations, casting, studio and lab facilities include hitech digital postproduction), organizing co-productions. Tivoli-Filmproductions Ltd. is one of the major participants in the Hungarian feature film production market. Its market share exceeded 5% in the last two years. The company intends to hold its market share in the future producing 2 or 3 feature or television films every year.

Unio Film Ltd.

Preproduction, Movie, Tv.

Új Budapest Filmstudio

Új Budapest Filmstudio was founded in 2001. The owners – who were among the crew of the Budapest Filmstudio – have already participated in the making of a dozen feature and documentary films. Their films have been selected and are still participating at all the important film festivals around the world as Montreal, Toronto, Berlin, Chicago, Karlovy Vary, Tokyo. Új Budapest Filmstudio tries to create a strong cultural dialogue within the East European region.

X-Trame Studio Ltd.

One of Hungary's market leader video studios, which has produced several television productions and TV-commercials in the last 10 years, working with more than 30 professionals, from all fields of a producing office and a post-production studio. Founded in 1995 by Sándor Fehér, X-Trame Studio has produced hundreds of programs: TV programs in Hungary and abroad, commercials, corporate communications and educational programs, as well as marketing and promotional programs, along the filming of a number of sporting events.

Film production companies in Hungary.

The page is made to promote the film production services in Hungary. There are many production companies in Hungary are established to serve international productions.