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Bussiness Research

ECOSTAT - Institute for Economic Analysis and Informatics

The Institute specializes in econometric researches, prognostic, econometric and firm information activities. ECOSTAT provides researches made for special orders by reason of venture contracts: economic researches, data basis developments, background analyses made by reason of order, economic researches, surveys based on data bases, market-researches, projections made for the competitive sphere and companies, firm information services (macroeconomic indicators and analyses related to strategic projects made for banks, organizations and companies; economic surveys of sub-branches by means of data bases developed on companies� statistics and balance reports; development of special databases and analyses, competition analyses). Besides the regular analytical, prognostic activities completed for governmental organs, ECOSTAT, the Institute for Economic Analysis and Informatics cooperates with other research institutes of Hungary.

GKI Economic Research Co.

GKI Economic Research Co. is the market leader in the market of independent macroeconomic analyses and forecasts. It continues and refreshes the best traditions of its spiritual predecessor, the Hungarian Economic Research Institute – where among others the renowned Hungarian economist, Bela Balassa worked – it uses the most up-to-date domestic and foreign research achievements and the methods developed in the European Union.

GfK Hungária - Complex Market Research

Complex market research services: Consumer tracking, Retail and technology, Media, Custom Research - Consumer Goods, Custom Research - Service, Custom Research - Retail, Health care.