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General Resources - Country Information

News, Key Events in life, About Hungary. - Family, home, private life: Marrying a foreign citizen, Conclusion of Marriage by Foreign Nationals in Hungary. Work, employment: Searching, seeking for job, Wage, salary, remuneration, Minimal wage. Health, social care: Pension, retiring allowance, Abortion, Benefits related to children. Taxation and financial matters: Value-added tax (VAT), Personal income tax, Stock exchange market. Operation of undertakings: Founding and terminating a company, Licences and obligations of undertakings. Employment: Work, legal relationship in the public sector, Protection of the employees in the public sector, Administrative procedure. The System of State: National Symbols, Election System. History: Rulers and Heads of State of Hungary, The Brief History of Hungary. The Country: Pension, retiring allowance, Geographic Data, Flora and Fauna. Culture: Literature, Music. Tourism: Health Tourism, Accommodations. Famous Hungarians: Hungarian Nobel Laureates, Bartók Béla.

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