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Hungarian Jewish Homepage

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Pesti Shul - Modern Orthodox Jewish Community

The community has different activities in the small but very intimate Visegrádi street synagogue (XIII. Visegrádi u. 3., Budapest, Hungary). If you are visiting Budapest, and you would like to join a Shabbat service and be surrounded by young Jewish professionals and university students within an open but still traditional athmosphere, do not hesitate to contact the community.

Sim Shalom Progressive Jewish Congregation

Sim Shalom Congregation is the first and only Progressive/Reform Jewish congregation in Hungary. We trace our history back to the late 1980s when a group of young Jewish professionals and intellectuals decided to start exploring their Jewish roots. In twenty years that tentative community has grown into an active congregation. Its members and supporters number 200-300. It has a full-time Rabbi, founding member Katalin Kelemen. It has a historic Torah scroll and a beautiful Torah Ark, designed and decorated by artists in the congregation.

Jewish Community of Szeged New Synagogue

Today the community has - from 500-520 citizen of Jews by birth, hardly 300 who pay contribution. The majority of donatious will be spent on preservation of worth, for the running of old people's home of Jews in Szeged, for the reneval of the saloon of the head-office, on the preservation of the cemetery's condition with 55.000 m2 floor space, funtioning from 1831. The community life has got a new impulse in the second half of the decade before the turn of the century. The junior group, the section of women, the cultural circle, the network of visiting old people, and two Talmud Tóra groups under the direction of the Rabbi work, there were again a wedding and a barmicva. There are organised more times literary and musical programs.

Jewish Community of Komarno - Slovakia

For more than 200 years, the Jewish Community of Komarno has been the scene for the Jewish citizen’s communal, religious, and cultural life. Before the Holocaust, there were over 2000 members, today this number has considerably decreased. In 2001, the community introduced the CHALON-WINDOW programme. Within the framework of that it has opened it’s gates to Jewish people of South Slovakia and West Hungary.

Lauder/JOINT International Jewish Youth Camp

The camp is the realization of the common vision of the Ronald S. Lauder Foundation and the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (JDC). The idea was to create an international Jewish experience for youngsters from Eastern and Central Europe. By now the camp has grown beyond its original idea and is now open to Jewish youth from all over the world. The camp is the largest in Eastern and Central Europe, serving approximately 2,000 youth during each summer. The campsite, located approximately 150 km. south-east of Budapest, was opened in 1990 and provides Jewish youth with fun-filled Jewish educational activities organized around themes chosen each year.

Foundation for Jewish Cemeteries in Hungary

The Foundation was established with the objective of saving and preserving neglected Jewish cemeteries. Today, approximately 1600 Jewish cemeteries are accounted for in Hungary. Save for a few hundred under the care of the local congregation or of the local government, most are losing the battle against nature. Most of the cemeteries are nearly impossible to locate due to concealment by weeds and other vegetation. The Foundation's goals are to create a map of cemeteries, tidy up the gravesites and build fences around the cemeteries.