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State & Government

Supreme Court of Hungary

Information about the the past and present of supreme jurisdiction in Hungary, the current Hungarian juridical system, the internal organisation and management of the Supreme Court.

Constitutional Court

Description of the establishment, organization, procedure, competence and jurisprudence of the Constitutional Court. Translations of The Constitution of the Republic of Hungary, Act on the Constitutional Court along with the translations of some important decisions.

Parliament - The House of the Nation

The Parliament is one of the most important national symbols, monuments of Hungary, and it is considered one of the most beautiful and largest parliamentary buildings around the world. The site provides information about the Hungarian Parliament not only as an architectural spectacle, but you can also get a clear view of its structure, operation, officials too.

Ministry of Economy and Transport

The Ministry endeavours to smooth the way for foreign investments, focusing on developing the transport infrastructure, facilitating the spread of information technology, encouraging research and development and strengthening micro, small and medium-sized enterprises. The site provides info about the economic policy, foreign economic affairs, investment promotion, retail & industry & energy, SME, infrastrucure, EU issues, infocommunication.

Ministry of Finance

Press releases, Economic policy, Budget, Monthly figures, EU budget, Taxation, European integration, Statistics. Cash-flow deficit forecasts, Inflation, etc.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Ministry: minister, senior officials, departments, about the ministry. Foreign policy: Visegrad cooperation, bilateral affairs, international development, security policy. Hungary in the world - the world and Hungary, international humanitarian law – national advisory committee, European Union. News, announcements, speeches. Missions: missions abroad, missions in Hungary. About Hungary. Information on consular matters: Consular services. Entry for foreigners to Hungary: visa application forms, visa waiver agreements.

Hungarian Privatization and State Holding Company

The Hungarian Privatization and State Holding Company (ÁPV Rt.) is the main proprietor of the entrepreneurial assets of the Hungarian State. The company's task is the sale and market based management of state assets determined by law as well as rendering accounts and the controlling of earlier privatization transactions. One of the most important tasks of the state, and thus of ÁPV Zrt., continues to be to address, inform and attract investors who are able to guarantee the efficient and long-term operation of the companies offered for sale. Another, equally important, duty of ÁPV Zrt. is the efficient operation and management of long-term commercial state assets in its portfolio.

Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development

Provides central governance for the agriculture, game management and fisheries, the food sector, forest management and forest conservation, primary timber production, and the associated services, research and development, agricultural product turnover, agri-environmental management, plant protection, plant health, animal health, conservation of the quality of agricultural lands, cartography and land issues, as well as agricultural water management. Provides central governance for rural development and for the associated research and development efforts.

National Land Fund

In accordance with the Government Programme the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development started legislative and institution development activities under the direction of the Government Commissioner for Land Policy with the aim of creating developed tools for the management of state owned land with a view to meet the requirements of the European Union.

Hungarian Customs and Finance Guard

The Customs and Finance Guard shall perform duties of execution within the scope of customs administration. The customs administration is a part of financial administration. The customs administration is controlled and supervised by the minister of finance. The opening of new frontier stations and closing of existing frontier stations, and the definition of the type of traffic to be handled by particular frontier stations shall be a responsibility of the Government. In international customs matters related to trade, the minister for foreign affairs shall proceed in agreement with the minister of finance, while in other international customs matters the minister of finance shall proceed in agreement with the minister for foreign affairs.

Hungarian Financial Supervisory Authority

The HFSA shall ensure reliable, continuous and transparent operation of the financial markets, strengthen confidence in the financial markets, promote the development of financial markets based on fair competition, protect the legitimate interests of market participants, support the reduction of consumers' risks by providing access to adequate information, actively participate in eliminating financial crime.

National Communications Authority

The National Communications Authority, Hungary (NCAH) is an entity of public administration directed by the Government and supervised by the Minister of Economy and Transport. The Authority is responsible to encourage and support the smooth and successful operation and development of the electronic communications, postal and IT markets. The Authority protects the interests of both service providers and users. Its duties are to establish and maintain fair and efficient competition and to supervise compliance by the service providers with the provisions of the law.

Parliamentary Comissioners' Office of Hungary

Since 1995 the Hungarian Parliament has elected Parliamentary Commissioners for a term of six years which can be once renewed. At present there are four Commissioners: the Parliamentary Commissioner and the Deputy Commissioner of Civil Rights, the Parliamentary Commissioner for National and Ethnic Minorities Rights and the Parliamentary Commissioner for Data Protection and Freedom of Information. The Parliament has the opportunity to elect further Commissioners for the protection of certain constitutional rights. The offices of the Commissioners both for financial and practical reasons have been integrated into a common organisational structure which ensures the conditions of independent decision-making and performing the tasks of the Commissioners.

Ministry of Health

The Ministry: Organigram, Senior Management, Institutions, Health Situation in Hungary, Health Services in Hungary, National Legislation, Public Health Programme. European Union: National Development Plan, Recognition of diplomas and certificates, Competent authorities, Social security of migrants. International relations. Publications.

National Election Office

Official homepage of the National Election Office. Information on parliamentary elections, local elections, referendums, EU elections.