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Pannonia Ensemble - Hungarian Folksdances, Genève, Dance-house Guild , Bea Tóth - Oriental Performer & Dancer, Sunayna - Oriental Dance Instructor & Performer
Hungarian National Film Archive, Filmkultúra, The District!, Révélations hongroises - Promotion of Animated Films, Daazo - European Short Films
Tuba Zoltán - Photographer & Photojournalist, István Budai - Photographer, Lumen - Photography Foundation, - Foundation for Hungarian Photography , Panograph - Panoramic Photo & Immersive Media, Paul Williams - Food Photography, Gyula Sopronyi - Photographer, Bruno Bourel, Gabor Ancsin Freelancer Photographer - Photojournalist Budapest, Gyermeklánc fotó - Children's Photography
Hungarian Literature Online - Portal, Hungarian Book Foundation, Translations of Hungarian Literary Works, Babelmatrix Web Anthology
aether architecture, Kitchen Budapest, Hungarian Contemporary Architecture Centre, ZOA - visualization, architecture, animation - Budapest
Industrial Design
Gepetto - Hungarian design, Szentesi Manó Industrial Designer
Graphic Design
Károly Királyfalvi - Freelancer Graphic Designer, Balázs Pápay - Computer Graphics Artist, Husk Design - Graphic Design Agency Budapest
Contemporary Art
Exindex - Contemporary Art Magazine, Big Hope - Collaborative Projects, András Wahorn - Multimedia Artist
Auction Houses
Axioart - Art Trade Portal, Neogallery - Auction of Contemorary Artworks
Painting & Drawing
The de László Archive Trust , Árpád Forgó - Painter, Alexa Szlavics - Painter, Zsuzsanna Doszkocs - Paintings & Drawings
Artitude Online Gallery, Gallery Diabolus - Contemporary Artists
Fine Arts in Hungary

This site is dedicated to fine arts in Hungary from the beginnings in the Romanesque period up to the mid 20th century. In spite of the abundance of invaluable artworks, Hungarian fine arts are somewhat underrated outside the country. It is, therefore, the site's objective to present a full range of painting and sculpture in Hungary to a world-wide general public by introducing artists and their most important artworks.

Gaudens Pedit Collection

The Gaudens Pedit Collection is the most comprehensive and meaningful document on Hungarian art at the time of the country's opening to the West. The works date from the beginning of the 1980s up until the middle of the 1990s. The collection was built up between 1988 and 1994 by Christoph Achammer, Michael Neubauer, Gaudens Pedit, Kurt Sailer and Alexander Svoboda. At the Gaudens Pedit Collection is being presented for the very first time. On show are 300 works by 29 artists complete with biographical information. For each artist you can find an up-to-date biography and bibliography as well as an oeuvre description with links to the works and artists mentioned.

Míves Céh Publishing House

The Míves Céh publishing house was founed in 2004 by six Hungarian translators who set out to publish books and comics that stand out both in content and in appearance. Míves Céh publishes an anthology of black and white comics called "Fekete-Fehér Képregényantológia". It includes stories from internationally acclaimed titles from the US and Europe as well as brand new material commissioned from Hungarian authors.

Art Nouveau in Hungary

A web site dedicated to Art Nouveau in Hungary. Fine Arts: Béla Iványi-Grünwald, Lajos Gulácsy, István Csók, Tivadar Csontváry Kosztka, Valéria Dienes, Endre Frecskay, Árpád Juhász Kecskemét Artistst's Colony , Nagybánya Artistst's Colony, etc. Architecture: Ödön Lechner, Béla Lajta, Károly Kós, István Medgyasszay, László Vágó, József Vágó. Decorative Arts: Ex libris, Graphic works, Book illustration, Jewellery, Costumes, Carpets, Interior design, Stained glass windows, Glass art, Pottery.

Performing Arts
Magician Esther, Hungarian magician Peter Boldog