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Contemporary Art

Exindex - Contemporary Art Magazine

The magazine covers events of the contemporary visual art scene, with particular emphasis on problems of the Hungarian institutional structure of art and issues of media art. exindex may only be accessed on-line: in line with the characteristic features of network technology, it is published with continuous updates, database and cross-reference applications, complete with an expanding archive.

Big Hope - Collaborative Projects

Collaborative group projects by: Miklos Erhardt, Dominic Hislop & Elske Rosenfeld: Monopoly Rules Iaşi, Klubtours Heide-Nord, Dreigroschenvideo / Threepenny Video, Commonopoly, Protest Songbook, Talking About Economy, Disobbedienti, Random Histories, Knocking on the Palace Door, Re:route, Points of Departure, Big Hope, Germ, Sajat Szemmel/Inside Out. Miklós Erhardt and Dominic Hislop met in Budapest in 1996 and formed the project group 'Big Hope' in 1998 based on a mutual interest in discussing strategies of engaging with social issues and communicating with a broader public in art. Together they have worked on a number of internationally exhibited, collaborative photographic, video and mapping projects - often involving certain marginalised social groups, as both project participants and audience. Elske Rosenfeld - artist / anthropologist from Halle, Germany - has joined Big Hope for their recent series of exhibitions.

András Wahorn - Multimedia Artist

Paintings, Drawings, Music, Multimedia, Biography.