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Tuba Zoltán - Photographer & Photojournalist

Zoltán Tuba Budapest based freelancing photographer. Specializes in documentary photography, mainly in Hungary. Works for either Hungarian or second-country assignments. Member of the Association of Hungarian Journalists and the International Federation of Journalists.

István Budai - Photographer

Homepage of a freelance photographer living in Szombathely, Hungary with galleries, projects and photo shop.

Lumen - Photography Foundation

Lumen Photography Foundation was established in 2002 with the objective of edifying the visual culture by popularising and supporting the work of artists who use photography and video as medium. It is especially important that the projects be presented before the widest possible range of spectators (public events, Lumen Gallery), in order to attract the active attention of a receptive public. - Foundation for Hungarian Photography

The - Foundation for Hungarian Photography is a non-profit, cultural foundation created in the summer of 2002. The foundation is open: private individuals, and creative groups and organisations sympathetic to our aims may join as sponsors. The operation of the foundation is public. The site's virtual gallery presents representatives of three genres of photographic art: the subjective documentary, fine art photography, and within this latter photographers using alternative, manual techniques. Among the photographers are internationally recognised artists and at present simply promising talents.

Panograph - Panoramic Photo & Immersive Media

PanoGraph Kft. was incorporated in December 2005 as successor to, the leading panoramic and virtual tour provider for the Hungarian market since 2000. PanoGraph presents a series of stunning panoramic images portraying the atmosphere and culture of Hungary and its people as well some some exotic locations around the world. The Company provides state of the art Internet imaging solutions designed to enhance revenues by improving the buying experience and creating more effective web-based presentations. PanoGraph has created a unique process, which includes image capture, editing, stitching, publishing, and display technologies, designed first and foremost to deliver the highest quality panoramic images to our clients with the highest resolution possible. Panograph launched a site called that provides high resolution, high quality inspirational Rights Managed only panoramic stock imagery to professional photo researchers, graphic designers, advertising agencies, publishers.

Paul Williams - Food Photography

Paul Williams is a photographer specializing in photographing food, still life and people for advertising, packaging and magazines. He decided to open in 2009 a photography project studio to meet the demand for quality food packaging and advertising as well as still life photography in Budapest. On this site you will find photography portfolios from still life to landscapes, photo library photos and fine art photography.

Gyula Sopronyi - Photographer

Since Gyula decided to be a professional photographer, he always has been searching for human aspects behind exciting visual world. Taking pictures for example of little Hungarian villages or Turkish bath party he always has been searching for faces, eyes telling history, moments hiding heritage of generations, and was interested in reality reflecting from them. Gyula was an employee of the Hungary’s most influential political daily newspaper, called Népszabadság, fulfilling the daily work which is often based on routine because of lack of time. Nowadays, he is a freelance photographer. He has been working in Gaza, Pakistan, India, Vietnam, Indonesia and covered the Eastern Europe countries.

Bruno Bourel

French photographer living in Budapest since the beginning of the ninties. Publisher of books and a serie of 44 black and white postcards that you can find in museums' bookstores in Budapest. He just published the third edition of his book of 72 b&w pictures and 42 texts in four languages, Hungarian, German, French and English. On the website site clicking the button "Budapest- Fényrajzok" one can flip all the book from the beginning to the end.

Gabor Ancsin Freelancer Photographer - Photojournalist Budapest

Gabor Ancsin provides professional event photography, press photography and commercial photography services in Hungary mostly in Budapest, but he is available in Hungary or even in neighbouring countries.

Gyermeklánc fotó - Children's Photography

You get to know different faces of children, when they surrounded by family, being in a pal's birthday party, or doing any hobbiess. This moments are so special, and my goal is to take the best shots as i can. The most important things are the natural enviroment, and children acting as children not posers. My messages are credibility, and happiness. Thats what gyermeklancphoto is stand up for.