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Cultural Centres & Institutes

Hungarian Institute for Culture

The mission of the Hungarian Institute for Culture is to promote the continuous development of the organizational framework and contents of community education and community arts, to facilitate the modernization of community education related duties by some peculiar professional instruments, to contribute to investigating the characteristics of cultural life and community education, the presentation and publication of different contexts and interconnections, and the promotion of the professionalism of national and local decision-making processes through organizing and performing research.

European Folklore Institute

The European Folklore Institute (EFI) is a regional centre for the safeguarding, revitalization and diffusion of traditonal culture and folklore in Europe. The Institute focuses on the core areas of identification, documentation, conservation, preservation, dissemination and protection of European traditional, ethnic, and minority cultures (including the fields of research, education, creative art and revitalization). The Institute aims to enhance international coordination, cooperation and exchange of knowledge in the above core areas, to make known the institutions dealing with these areas, to stimulate greater public and governmental recognition of traditonal culture, to improve crediblity and professionalism in fields dealing with traditional culture, by enhancing personal identity and self/respect; by fostering mutual respect among ethnic groups; by stimulating increased personal cultural creativity.

Tűzraktér Independent Cultural Centre

The Tuzrakter Independent Cultural Centre, which is backed up by the Art Sector Foundation, had opened its doors on the 23rd of June in 2005, in a previously abandoned 10000 square meters factory building in Budapest's Tuzolto street. As an open cultural space, the Centre organized programmes day by day in summer periods, that included a very wide spectrum of fine and performed arts. Tűzraktér also works as a creative centre by giving the opportunities to as many creative projects as possible. Tuzrakter is an absolutely civilian initiative, the organizers work as volunteers despite of the sometimes troubled circumstances. In the first two years of functioning Tűzraktér managed to have texhibitions of 180 artists, including a corporation with the Hungarian Academy of Arts, theatre shows, contemporary dance performances, concerts from jazz, world music to blues and punk, musicians from all over the world, circus shows, artistic performances, literature evenings, academic presentments, festivals, fashion shows. Many foreign artists have visited the centre, from Cuba, Mexico, Germany, Belgium, Austria, Venezuela, Canada, Slovakia, Romania, Estonia.

Hungarian Arts Festivals Federation

The Hungarian Arts Festivals Federation has been representing Hungary’s professional art festivals, both at home and abroad, since 1990. The more than forty member festivals play an important role in popularising Hungarian culture both nationally and internationally. The organisers of these festivals strive, beyond planning the cultural events, to present the historical and natural values of a given region, its rich folk heritage, and its unique cuisine.

C³ Center for Culture & Communication

The aims of the C³: Center for Culture & Communication Foundation are the cultural application and creative employment of new scientific and technological discoveries, the research, development and support of innovative artistic potentials, and the initiation and realisation of art, science, communications, educational and cultural programmes. C³ is an open, not for profit institution, a space for innovative experiments and developments related to communication, culture and open society, its main focus the fostering of meetings and cooperation among spheres of art, science and technology.

IMPEX - Contemporary Art Provider

IMPEX - Contemporary Art Provider is a new art scene in the 8th district of Budapest. It was launched by six young professionals whose forgoing activities are now united within the framework of a new institution. In the 140 square meter area, a gallery and a workshop space are in operation, which, in addition to showcasing experimentally minded and progressive artwork, also accommodate studio practice, lectures and creative, interdisciplinary initiatives. IMPEX aims to provide an introductory opportunity for young artists. Moreover, its objective is to aid cooperation and permeability between different areas of art, and, through its open and receptive structure, create a living connection with various social groups and civilian initiatives. Finally, in accordance with the possibilities afforded by this arrangement, IMPEX also endeavors to offer contemporary cultural programs to a larger public audience.