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Rustufarian Hungarian Pulis - Sydney

Rustufarion Kennels began with the arrival of the first Puli in 1992. Oakey (Pasztor Midnite Magic) came from Margaret Keil of Pasztor Hungarian Pulis in Victoria, Australia. Since then the breeding program has endeavoured to incorporate the world's best Hungarian Puli lines by selectively breeding from imported and champion lines including America, Hungary, UK, and Australia.

Rábaközi-Nemes Puli Kennel - Csorna

The Kennel was founded in 2005 with the goal that many people should get to known this type of a Hungarian dog and possibly there should be one lovely Puli in every household. Puli is a type of a dog that a person can trust in without any conditions since it is a faithful kind. The Kennel can be found in Csorna (Western-Hungary). The web page offers the following information: Information about the Kennel, Description of the pulis, Puppy for sale, Stud available, Pictures of puppies, Videos of dogs.