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Postgraduate & Adult Training

WIFI Hungaria Training Institute

WIFI Hungária Ltd. is the first adult training institute founded abroad by the Austrian Chamber of Commerce- WIFI ( Wirtschaftsförderungsinstitut). The target of the institute is to support, develop and prepare private people and companies to the European market challenges through the following activities: professional and skill developing trainings in the next areas: Management ( company management), organization and human resources development, Economics ( finanace, accounting, controlling), Sales, logistics, Communication, marketing, Information Technology and office management, Language courses, Modular training programs. Training orientation, career planning consultancy, improving effectiveness and competitiveness on individual and company level. Assessment of training needs, training consultancy. Organizing events, conferences, forums related to trainings and market changes

Educational Centre of the Hungarian Industrial Association

The history of the Educational Centre of the Hungarian Industrial Association (MIOK) dates back almost 30 years, making it one of the oldest educational institutions dealing with adult training in Hungary. Today the Centre specialises in 4 main fields of educational market: adult education, examinations and vocational and high school education. The courses are available in every area of the country. This is made possible by the operational branches placed in 9 county seats in the countryside. Besides the vocational education the Centre also provides almost 700 language courses and 60 other types of training every year. The adult education program is operational in nearly 150 different vocations. Approximately 12,000 people take part in education, further education and training organised by our school in many different vocation branches such as: finance, economics, computer science, trade, catering, tourism, service industry, arts, foreign languages and sports.

ITCB Ltd. - Training

Postgraduate finance and banking training, state-recognised vocational qualification programmes, other certificate programmes. Courses on banking and finance, courses on the European Union, customised courses

Collegium Budapest

Collegium Budapest - an Institute for Advanced Study and a Centre of Excellence. Collegium Budapest has been operating for 12 years now. The purpose of Collegium Budapest is to promote culture and the sciences by giving internationally recognized academics and young researchers an opportunity to pursue research of their choice in an international, intellectually stimulating environment. Following the model of the pioneering Princeton Institute for Advanced Study, the Wissenschaftskolleg in Berlin and other similar institutions, Collegium Budapest is the first IAS-type institute in the post-communist region. By inviting outstanding Western and Eastern scholars to Budapest and offering them a common temporary workplace in the intimate medieval Castle district, the institute strove to rebuild – after 50-year-long isolation – the international contacts of scholars and academic institutions in the CEE region. In the course of these 12 years, Collegium Budapest has emerged as a major international academic centre and a model for new forms of academic co-operation.

Safe Drive Training Program

Safe Drive training developed by Majsai Autósiskola "Driver" Közlekedésbiztonsági Alapítvány (Majsai Road Safety Foundation) is to create safety to be experienced by people under human circumstances.

Tempus Public Foundation

Tempus Public Foundation (TPF) is a non-profit organization established in 1996 by the Hungarian Government, with the task of managing international cooperation programmes and special projects in the field of education, training and EU-related issues. Objectives: TPF aims at supporting initiatives aiming at the modernization and quality improvement of education, training, RTD and human resources development, encouraging international cooperation and mobility, strengthening the European dimension in these fields. Activities: management of scholarship and cooperation programmes, trainings, knowledge centre.

Ecosim - Teambuilding with Business Simulation Games

During the program participants have to form teams of 3-5, and take over the management of a fictitious company. Business decisions have to be made, which are evaluated by a computer model, representing the market and the economic environment. The key is to work together in a team, make decisions jointly, share experiences and ideas. And thus get closer to each other and try to learn to appreciate and anticipate each other better. Since effective management needs an overall view of all the company areas, the participants rely very much on each other - this is how it engages teamwork. With respect to other “classical” team-building training courses, the process goes automatically as team-members have to work jointly to accomplish a goal: managing a company. This is very professional and business like, so the learning outcomes can be linked to everyday work very easily.