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Gastronomy - Eating & Drinking Hungary

English-language website devoted specifically to Hungarian food and wine. It generally publishes three items every weekday - one at each mealtime - for a total of 15 articles per week. Unlike most second-language publications focusing on food and wine in Hungary, Chew is not a promotional product expressly designed to sell the products of its advertisers. Instead, it is an independent source of information and commentary about restaurants, shops, wines and other gastronomic topics of interest to people living in or visiting Hungary, or to people with a general interest in Hungary's culinary traditions and trends.

Goulash Festival Association of Szolnok

Hungarian Goulash It started 200 years ago, with the kettle of the people who lived on the Puszta. Perhaps goulash isn’t a Hungarian food. According to famous ethnographers, it’s originated from the Turkish, but maybe it’s the foundation of the simple shepherds, who added Paprika to it so became a special, famous Hungarian food worldwide. Some years ago, there was an international survey about the symbols of our country, Hungary. Mostly, goulash, paprika, Pálinka, horse-herd, the famous football team, Balaton and Budapest were the typical answers.


Raised in a pastoral town in Southern Lake Balaton Hungary, Laszlo trained in the best restaurants in Europe and New York, and has served as private chef to ambassadors and movie stars. Whether you are vegan or a lover of foie gras, Chef Laszlo will redefine the concept of fine dining in the comfort of home. -Melone Magruder Malibu Times Besides cooking, Laszlo is a food writer and journalist whose articles have been published in several American and Hungarian magazines.

Tokaj Women and Wine Association

The founding members are owners of wineries, oenologists, wives and daughters of famous winemakers. The aim of the company is to make the fame of Tokaj wine more well-known in Hungary and around the world as well, and to preserve the traditions of Tokaj-wine growing and wine making. After all these, the members would like to make the gastronomy connected, healthy way of wine-drinking more popular. To achieve their aim, they are organising lectures, wine-tasting, Hungarian and international visits of wine-growing areas.

House of Hungarian Wines

The home of Wine Culture: The aim of the House of Hungarian Wines is to represent Hungarian oenology in a uniform manner, moreover, to spread wine culture towards domestic and foreign consumers of wine in such a way that facilitates the rising of Hungarian wine to a high-ranking position on a world scale. The site is also available in Swedish language.

Hungarian Viniculture Public Benefit Company

The Company was founded by the Hungarian Viniculture Foundation established in 1991. Representatives of different areas of viniculture, including training, professional associations, business federations and research, are on the Foundation�s Board of Trustees, which inspects VINICULTURE PBC�s work as both owner and managing body. As raising the culture of production and consumption is only feasible together at the same time, VINICULTURE PBC operates primarily by organising events which promote the living connection between the product and the consumer in the spirit of high quality. Our work to reach our targets over the last decade has already brought numerous results. The Budapest International Wine Wine Festival has become the sector's biggest event and an outstanding festival in Budapest's calendar.

Auntie Andrea's Kitchen

The site offers mostly Hungarian and European recipes organised by the following categories: apetizers, soup, salad, casserole, pasta & rice, veggies, beef, pork, poultry, seafood, dessert, drinks.