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Language Schools & Courses

Hungarian Language Courses - Debrecen Summer School

A 4-week summer course, a 2-week winter, spring and summer course and an autumn course. In spring and autumn the School organises full-semester courses for foreigners temporarily or permanently living in Debrecen. They also offer one-to-one teaching for private individuals and special courses for firms and companies on request. At the lower levels English and German are used as intermediary languages on autumn, winter, spring and summer intensive courses while on Summer Course in Hungarian Language and Culture the intermediary languages at the lower levels are English, German, French, Italian, Finnish and Japanese.

Budapest Branch of the Debrecen Summer School

The language school in Budapest, operating more like a traditional language school, offers courses adjusted primarily to the needs of foreigners living, working and studying in and around Budapest. (Accordingly - as opposed to the parent institution in Debrecen - they do not offer accommodation to the students or organize meals for them.)

Hungarian courses for foreigners - Inside World

At their communication-based courses Inside World will equip you with sufficient knowledge of Hungarian to take an active part in Hungarian life. Inside Word runs courses at the clients' premises, or at any other convenient locationThe school uses the most up-to-date language resources and has its own teaching materials developed by the teaching staff. Although teachers speak at least one foreign language, the lessons are structured so that it is seldom necessary to use another language while teaching Hungarian.

Italian course for foreigners - Studio Italia

Studio Italia, officially recognized and accredited language school by the Hungarian State offers Italian courses for all levels from absolute beginners to advanced. Courses are available throughout the year. The maximum number of students per class is 12. Students who already know some Italian are tested and placed in classes according to their level and their particular needs.

InterClub Hungarian Language School

InterClub Hungarian Language School was established in 1994. The School's goal is not only to offer foreigners residing in Hungary help in overcoming difficulties in communication, but also to assist them in successfully adapting to the Hungarian culture. The instructional programme is based upon proprietary and unique course of study, using materials and methods developed by the Language School.

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