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Hungarian Electronic Library

One of the most popular and most significant text-archives of the Hungarian webspace. Supported by a civil movement: anyone, even with the simplest of methods and means can contribute to the development of the collections.

The Online Information Service of Hungarian Libraries

The service started in 1999 with the aim that reference librarians could provide information via the Internet. Since November 2001 the service has been operating within the framework of a consortium with the participation of 124 libraries and individuals in 67 disciplines, the coordinator and operator of which is the National Széchényi Library. Libinfo, of course, cannot entirely replace the traditional reference service of libraries, but it can provide immediate help for further search.

National Archives of Hungary

The Archives' remarkable collections include medieval charters (the oldest charter dates back to 1109, and the collection consists of almost 100 000 records), plans and maps (approximately 50 000 pieces of records), archives of central government offices of (early) modern times, and archives of prominent Hungarian families (Eszterházy, Széchenyi, Festetics, Bethlen, Nádasdy). Documents of post-1867 ministries and other government organs may arouse the interest of those who are keen on the near past. Nowadays, the Archives stores 73 kilometres of records and 64 million images of microfilms. The National Archives does not only preserve the historic sources, but it provides the processing and the accessibility of records for scientific researchers and the great public as well.

National Széchényi Library

The National Széchényi Library is the national library of Hungary. Their main task is to collect, process and preserve all the written heritage of Hungary and all documents pertaining to it. The collection of Hungarica (all the books and other documents published in Hungary, and publications related to Hungary or to Hungarians published abroad) is to be carried out continuously to the fullest extent possible and these materials are to be available for the users whether in the form of parchment, paper or electronic medium.

Alliance of Libraries and Information Institutes

The Alliance of Libraries and Information Institutes, ALII (in Hungarian: Informatikai és Könyvtári Szövetség, IKSZ) is a non-profit, conciliation and representative organization of libraries and institutions handling information. The alliance carries out the following tasks: takes part in the elaboration of draft regulations concerning libraries, in the formulation of statements, initiates corresponding decisions, the drafting of regulations and statements; promulgates the standpoints of the profession, organizes and conducts refresher courses; using wide publicity, opposes any decision, violating either the social interests involved in the libraries or the interests of individual libraries.

National Digital Data Archives

The NDDA is a new archive for a knowledge-based society and the digital era that makes Hungary's national cultural assets available in a digital form for a wide range of users and by utilising the new features of the network medium it creates added value at service level. The NDDA adds to the value of Hungary's public collections, cultural databases, the data treasury of the state administration, and the nation's knowledge stock from various eras and in manifold senses through openness, self-organisation, recycling and content-integration.

National Technical Information Centre and Library

Budapest University of Technology and Economics National Technical Information Centre and Library - a national special and university library open to all, serving academics and students, researchers and business professionals. It also houses special collections. Services are provided in the fields of Technology, Business and Physical Sciences.

MATARKA - Hungarian Periodicals Table of Contents Database

MATARKA (MAgyar Periodicals TARtalomjegyzékeinek Kereshető Adatbázisa - Hungarian Periodicals Table of Contents Database) is a database of the contents of journals issued in Hungary. It works as a library consortium managed by the University of Miskolc, Library, Archives, Museum. The database includes journal contents that can be searched in several different ways, and individual journal issues can also be browsed. Data input processing is done by manual input or by converting digital contents.

Hungarian National Shared Catalogue (MOKKA)

The library user can search in the MOKKA database and, if he finds the record of the document he looks for, together with the data of libraries holding the item, he can decide about the library to be used and about the way of document delivery.. It is possible through a linking mechanism to "skip" via the net to the database of the libraries holding the given document and look for its present availability. Searches in the MOKKA central database can be made not only at MOKKA member libraries but by anybody, through an appropriate network access point.

Librarians and Librarianship in Hungary

This publication gives a brief and accurate overview about Hungarian libraries and the Hungarian library field. After a short historical introduction, the publication focuses on the present. The authors' intention was to show the readers the conceptual and policy background, as well as the achievements and challenges related to the development of the library field. Table of contents: A brief historical overview, The Hungarian library sytem today, Types of libraries, Shared catalogues and national electronic services, Digital libraries, Librarianship in Hungary, Professional training, New and renovated library buildings, Library journals and professional publications, Professional associations, International relations, Professional prizes and awards,Library campaigns and events. Online HTML and downloadable PDF version is also available.

University and National Library - University of Debrecen

The National and General Collection of more than 4.3 million items covers all disciplines. Since 1952 the library has enjoyed the right to receive, free of charge, a copy of every printed work published in Hungary. The library is a national library with the right and obligation of collecting and preserving these deposit copies. The library also houses an almost complete collection of books printed in Hungary before 1952. The University and National Library of the University of Debrecen includes seven library units: Agricultural Science Library, Arts and Sciences Library, Library of the Conservatory,Kenézy Life Sciences Library, Library of the Faculty of Engineering, Library of the Faculty of Education, Social Sciences Library.

Metropolitan Ervin Szabó Library

The Metropolitan Ervin Szabó Library celebrated the 100th anniversary of its foundation in 2004. The task of the library of the Hungarian capital, like that of all institutions with information services, is supporting the acquisition of knowledge, entertainment and study in the fields of science, technology, education, work, personal development and culture of surroundings (environmental culture) with the available traditional and modern methods. It is in accordance with the international trends of library development.

National Educational Library and Museum

The National Educational Library and Museum (NELM) is the information centre for educational science, public education and the history of education. It collects documents of the special literature of educational science and presents its material remains. It publishes also special bibliographies and data bases in that fields. Finally it is a methodical and coordinating centre for educational and school libraries in Hungary. NELM is a special library for education, an educational document centre, a methodical centre for school and educational libraries, a museum specialized in education, a basis for reseach in the history of Hungarian education and comperative education, a non-profit publisher.

National Agricultural Library and Documentation Centre

The National Agricultural Library and Documentation Centre (NAL) is a specialised, scientific, public institution carrying national tasks, it has the most important collection of special literature in the Hungarian agricultural sector, furthermore, it is the co-ordination centre for libraries of institutions of higher agricultural education and for agricultural special libraries. The library has joined several organisations, takes part in activities of IAALD (International Association of Agricultural Information Specialists) and LIBER (Ligue des Bibliotheques Européennes de Recherche). It is a member-library of AGLINET (Agricultural Libraries Network). The library functions as a deposit library of the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations, therefore it collects, processes, stores, and provides its publications.

Library of the University of Miskolc

The Library of the University of Miskolc has a nationwide scope of activities, is a public and research library. Its duty is to collect and to make available information holdings according to the claims of education and research, especially nationwide in the areas of mining and metallurgy. In the library-building can be found the Selmec Museum Library, the University Archives and the Museum. The central library and the department libraries have holdings up to 900.000 volumes. It is growing yearly by about 12-15 thousands books and other documents. The number of serials is nearly 1000. Collection fields: Engineering (emphasis on mining and metallurgy) and all natural sciences necessary to cultivate these disciplines, Humanities and social sciences (law, economy, pedagogy, sociology, etc.), Disciplines necessary for the education of arts students (history, literary studies and linguistics, foreign languages, psychology, etc).

Central Library of Semmelweis University

The central Library of Semmelweis University is a public reference library with nationwide authority founded by in 1828. At present, it is at the reader's disposal in 1500 square meters area with two reading rooms and 110 seats for readers, with holdings of 250 000 volumes. It is the methodological center of 48 institutional and departmental special libraries maintained by the Semmelweis University. The total of holdings of the departmental libraries: 270 000 volumes. Number of the current periodicals: 584 titles.

University of Szeged University Library

Collections: University Collection, Old books and manuscripts, "Lajos Ligeti" Oriental Collection Military Collection, Austria Library, Hungary Collection, Canada Collection, Collection in Social Theory and Contemporary History.

Veterinary Science Library - Szent István University

The Veterinary Science Library, Szent István University is the only veterinary library open to the public in Hungary. The library is as old as the training of veterinarians itself. The library serves the lecturers, researchers and students of the University. It is also responsible for the information and document provision of veterinarians – let them be private practitioners, or vets in state veterinary service or working in the research or commercial sector – and everybody who requires information or documents related to veterinary science.

Horticultural, Food Science and Landscape Architectural Library

Corvinus University of Budapest Horticultural, Food Science and Landscape Architectural Library and Archives is an institute which belongs to the organization of CUB. It helps the education and the research work at the University. It is a public, scientific special library having nationwide functions. Its main fields of interest are the special literature of horticulture, food science, landscape architecture, enviromnetal protection. The Archives was established from two collections of the Library (collection of history of disciplines and the collection of University’s history) and the old documents of the University.

Katona József Public Library - Kecskemét

Katona József County Library's scope of duties is the professional and methodological management and support of the libraries in Bács-Kiskun County, the organisation of the movement for promotion of reading in the county and the organisation of library support for Kecskemét and its catchment area. Separate collections of the library: Local studies collection - collection of multiplied documents and local data published about Bács-Kiskun County, Music collection -collection of musical handbooks, periodicals, soundrecordings, for reference an for lending, Historical collection - the remained collection of Kecskemét Municipal Library enriched between 1897 and 1944. It is open to the public only to a limited extent. Collection Europe - lending stock of books written in foreign languages. There are considerable collections in English, French, German, Russian and sparse items in other foreign languages.

Bródy Sándor Public Library - Eger

The Bródy Sándor Public Library was founded in 1952 by the fusion of two small libraries. In 1957 the library moved to the storey of the ex Nagypréposti Palota (in English Palace of the Grand Provost) which is one of the most beautiful historic building in Eger.A large development began in the field of information science in 1997, so today the Internet and the computerised catalogue is available for the readers of the library. Today the library has several collections in different points of the city. It has a Children's Library from 1957 in the Forrás Leisure Centre, a Public Administration Collection from 1976 in the building of the County Hall, a Music Collection from 1970 and a Local Studies Collection from 1981 in the main building and a Foreign Language Collection from 1983 in the building of the House of Arts.

Kisfaludy Károly County Library - Győr

The Kisfaludy Károly County Library is the biggest public library in Győr-Moson-Sopron county. Its legal predecessor was founded in 1898 when the archive's and the library's collection were separated. Now the collection has about 460.000 documents, 9000 registered members per year and on average 500 visitors every day. The library provides a comprehensive range of fiction and non-fiction documents. One of its main important collections is the Local Studies Collection. It is a constantly growing comprehensive collection of materials relating to Győr and Győr-Moson-Sopron county.

The Somogyi Library - Szeged

The Somogyi Library opened on October 16, 1883. Between 1897 and 1984 it was located in the Közmûvelõdési Palota (Palace of Public Education, now a museum). The collection represented a wide variety of disciplines, and it was intended to form one of the bases of a university to be established later in the city. The new library building, occupying 6 500 sq. meters of floor-space, was opened on June 6, 1984, and it is now open to readers on workdays from 10 am to 7 pm., Saturdays 10 am to 4 pm. Today, the stock includes over 880 000 books and 638 newspapers and periodicals. In addition, there are 19 branch libraries throughout the city.

Association of the Ecclesiastical Libaries in Hungary

As anywhere in the world, ecclesiastical libraries represent special values. The history of the Hungarian libraies starts with that of those owned by churches and and the material that has been preserved in these collections are part of the Hungarian cultural heritage. The Association was formed in 1994. Their website gives further information about the Association's history and activities.

Budapest City Archives

Brief history of Budapest City Archives, list of the most important holdings of the Archives, history of Budapest.

Historical Archives of the Hungarian State Security

According to the statutory regulations the Historical Archive enables citizens to inspect data made by the former state security organs. A request for inspection can be handed in on an Archive form or in a traditional or electronic letter or personally at the customer service of the institution. People observed (those about who the former state security organizations collected data), network people, operative links, or so called third party people are given access to a circle of personal data regulated by 3. § of the Act.

Bookfinder - Database of Hungarian Books

The Bookfinder is the first and most complete Hungarian database of books on the Internet. Its goal is to provide all possible information in the database about Hungarian publications ranging from literary works and light reading to technical books. In the Bookfinder one can find most of the books published in Hungary since 1992, as well as the most important data on publishers, bookshops, distributers and libraries.