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Folk & Traditional Music

Téka Ensemble

The Téka Ensemble was formed in 1976. From the early beginnings they have belonged to the leading ensembles of the "New wave of folk music". Already as early as 1977 they gained the title " Young Masters of Folk Art." The group plays authentic Hungarian peasant music. Their repertoire emphasizes the traditional style of playing and the original feeling of folk music. They play string instruments (violin, viola, double bass, cello) and other unique folk instruments (bagpipe-bőrduda, hurdy-gurdy-tekerő, cimbalom, ütőgardon). With these instruments they reproduce a colourful picture of village music from all Hungarian - speaking territories.

Folk Radio - Folk Music of the Carpathian Basin

Folkrádió is a not-for-profit, 24-hour online radio service featuring traditional folk music. It primarily broadcasts Hungarian folk music, but music of other peoples and ethnic groups living in the Carpathian Basin, as well as other types of music of folk origin also can be heard on Folkrádió. The domain name not only leads to a folk music radio channel but also includes a searchable folk music database and an Internet meeting place for folk music lovers. The site is also available in Slovak and Romanian languages.

Mama Lisa's World - Children's songs

Hungarian children's songs and nursery rhymes with sheet music, midi tune or mp3 recording.

Cimbalom - Collection of Hungarian Melodies

In The Netherlands more amateur musicians are playing folk and Gipsy music of East European Countries than in any other West European Country. The purpose of this collection of over 2300 MIDI's of Hungarian Folk music, or in fact in majority Magyar Nóta is to promote these melodies among devotees, and to contribute to the preservation of this type of Folk music. To support the recognition of these simple melodies, in most cases a "Demo" of that melody is added in the form of a short Mp3 file.

Cimbalom World Association

The Cimbalom World Association (CWA) aims to bring together artists who play cimbalom and similar instruments like yangqin, santur, hackbrett, hammered dulcimer, tympanon, qanun, kantele, etc. as well as interested organisations and individuals. The CWA exists to support and promote cimbalom music in the world and to develop and increase the popularity of this whole family of instruments. It helps members to obtain scores, parts, records and other musical material. It also supports young and beginner cimbalom artists, including concert promotion, international exchange visits, and many other activities. Founded in Hungary on Nov. 3rd, 1991, the CWA now has members from 30 countries of Europe, the Middle East, Asia, America and Australia. There are professional artists, amateur players, instrument manufacturers, music publishers, scientists of music and many more.

Viktória Herencsár - Cimbalom Player

The cimbalom virtuoso, soloist in the Hungarian Opera and Broadcasting Company, Viktória Herencsár was born in Budapest and began studying the cimbalom (hammered dulcimer) at the age of three and half. This fervent ambassador of the Hungarian hammered dulcimer appears in concerts of classical, and popular music throughout the world, both as a soloist and with large symphony and chamber orchestras. In addition, she gives lectures on the history, the repertory and the teaching of the cimbalom, and was appointed president of the first Cimbalom World Congress of the hammered dulcimer