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Popular Music

Tamás Hacki - Whistling Virtuoso

TAMÁS HACKI has been called the "Menuhin and Paganini of the Art of Whistling". His extra-ordinary ability to whistle was already discovered in early childhood. He has since perfected his technique into instrumental virtuosity, which he combines with profound musicality. Notes and trills he can produce with his lips half open. His career as a highly acclaimed artist dates back more than 30 years. Along with his accompanist ensemble "Ex Antiquis", the whistling virtuoso Tamás Hacki has performed well over 3000 full night programs, concerts, festivals and TV-shows in three decades.

Levente Egry - Sentimental Piano Concert

Levente Egry’s new project, ‘Sentimental Piano Concert’ is a musical tribute to the European heritage of Classical Music and the reinterpretation of musical Romanticism. The young pianist/composer’s mature voice, its level of musical sophistication, and the outstanding production value of the recording make this album a true standout among the currently available selection in the classical genre. Egry started his career in pop music. As a Producer and Composer, he worked on a number of successful productions in his native country, Hungary. Yet even throughout the times of pop success, he stayed true to his classical and jazz roots by writing contemporary classical music and advancing his piano skills to hope that one day he could take advantage of his knowledge in the production of real, substantial value. With Sentimental Piano Concert, his long-nurtured dream is now reality and is being carried out in the form of an album. – instrumental synthesizer music

Sophisticated instrumental synthesizer music. If you enjoy Vangelis sounds are sure to find. Listen free of charge. – Then download it if you like.