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Hungarian Academy of Sciences

News and Views, Members of HAS, Representatives of Doctors, HAS's Structure, HAS's Research Units, International Relations, Hungarian Science Abroad, World Science Forum, Publications, The Academy Club, Széchenyi Academy of Letters and Arts, HAS's Collection of Art, Library of HAS.

ENCOMPASS - Mindentudás Egyeteme

ENCyclopedic knOwledge Made a Popular ASSet: Magyar Telekom, T-Online and the Hungarian Academy of Sciences founded (ENCOMPASS) in 2002 with the goal of reviving Hungary's high standards of scientific education and raising the profile of leading national scientists. A full house every Monday night, a popular TV and radio series, a permanent column in dailies and weeklies, an internet portal with thousands of downloads a day, a show known by almost half of the adult population with a high approval rating, a constant topic at social meetings - all of this is more likely achieved by either a trendy talk- or reality show, a contest, a soap opera or by political news than by a serious and informative scientific knowledge program. The site is also available in Russian language.

Hungarian Scientific Research Fund

The objective of Hungarian Scientific Research Fund (OTKAÖ: The budget appropriated for OTKA shall be used for the provision of financial support, through a competitive bidding scheme, to scientific research projects and the requirements of the performance of such research and the publication of the achievements thereof, as are expected to lead to the recognition of new scientific laws, to the generation of new scientific knowledge, the elaboration of new methods and techniques. The OTKA appropriation may be used for the improvement of infrastructure facilities required for the achievement of scientific results.

National Information Infrastructure Development Institute

The National Information Infrastructure Development (NIIF) Program serves as a framework for the development and operation of the research network in Hungary. The Program covers the entire Hungarian academic, research and public collection community by providing them with an integrated computer networking infrastructure and, on the basis of that, a wide range of communication, information, and co-operation services, leading-edge environment for networking applications, as well as advanced framework for content generation and provision.

Escience - News

Hungarian science and research news & announcements.