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Australian Hungarian Individuals

Kolozsy Sculptor - Sydney

Hungarian born in Kolozsvar, Transylvania (today known as Cluj-Napoca, Romania). At the end of 1958 Kolozsy migrated from Holland to Australia and in 1964 became an Australian citizen. Kolozsy now resides in Sydney, N.S.W On his site you can find pictures of limited edition bronze sculptures, as well as various commissions the sculptor has completed over the years. Selection of designs for figurative and modern monuments, and the artist's resume detailing his credentials as a Sculptor. A listing of galleries that are currently exhibiting his works is also available.

Roma Street Band

The duo consists of two individually talented people, Chubby and Magdi whom happened to be married to each other. 13 years ago they joined hands in marriage not realising what the future is holding for them musically.

Alex S. Jobbágy Artist & Designer - Melbourne

Alex S Jobbagy is an artist and multimedia designer living in Melbourne, Australia. He has many artworks in private collections all over the world. jobbagy paintings micro slideshowIn his art, Alex is committed to exploring the subconscious, often in classical realistic representation, while developing a symbolic process of social analysis based on a fusion of personal experiences and political, social and natural influences. His commercial design work can be found on marketing collateral, business stationery, vehicles, buildings, web sites, TV, video and multimedia productions, also in more than 200 educational publications and books.