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The Netherlands

Hungarian Federation in the Netherlands

The Hungarian Federation in the Netherlands is the master-organization of the 'Hungarian' organizations in the Netherlands, including the churches. Each organization is autonomous and is solely responsible for its activities and its publications, including those ones that appear on the website of the Hungarian Federation in the Netherlands.

Hungarian Dance in the Netherlands

This homepage informs you about Hungarian dance and music in the Netherlands. It is meant for folkdancers and musicians, but also for listeners, spectators and people that organize concerts and dance-performances.

Dutch Liszt Ferenc Chorus

Choral music from Central and Eastern Europe - interpreted at a high level. This is the ambitious objective of the Dutch Liszt Ferenc Chorus, a semi-professional chamber choir that bears Franz Liszt's name. His works are frequently performed by the Liszt Ferenc Chorus both in the Netherlands and abroad, including Hungary itself. Liszt's fellow-Hungarians, Zoltán Kodály, Béla Bartók and Géza Frid, are also in good hands with the choir.

Kódex Advisory - International & Cultural Management

Kódex Advisory is a Netherlands-based, international and cultural management firm offering services to companies, entrepreneurs, non-profit organisaitons and individuals in the Netherlands and Hungary, but worldwide to establish, maintain and improve their business relationship in terms of effectiveness, efficiency and sustainability. Services: International Business Management, Culture & Art Management, Hungarian Language & Culture Courses, Consultancy for Tourism.

Most Marketing!

Reinforce of the trade relations between Hungary and The Netherlands aimed at supporting the Hungarian economy: Export support, Importing raw material, Import support, Management support.

Cimbalom - Dutch Platfrom for Amateur Musicians

Today some 40 Dutch orchestras are playing Hungarian, Romanian, Russian and other East European gipsy and folk music. The main purpose of this platform is communication among active and passive devotees of this type of music. The purpose of the international part of this home page is to promote communication and exchange information between similar devotees in other countries. The general idea is to split this information in several categories: to exchange musical and general information, to spread addresses that can help to start bilateral and group communication by email, to provide useful links on folk music of East European Countries

Malac Banda - Gipsy Orchestra

Malac Banda is a Netherlands-based gipsy orchestra which plays traditional Hungarian, Romanian and jewish gipsy music. They perform weekly through the whole country, in conference rooms, wedding rooms, royal palaces and in the neighbour's backyard. This isn't surprising when you are once introduced in gipsy music. After a sad "rubato" the "primasz" plays the whipped up rhythm of a Hungarian "csárdás" , meanwhile the clarinettist plays a fascinating jewish song, or what about a hammering Romanian song on the cymbalum?

Csókolom - Gipsy Fiddle Music & Songs

Anti von Klewitz and her band Csókolom play music from the heart of Eastern Europe. The violinist absorbed the gypsy music from the Balkans and Hungary at an early age and explores the essence of the music in an exciting and original way - a new voice fusing styles and trends. With her spirited amalgam of gypsy-styled Hungarian, Balkan, klezmer and gypsy-swing music Anti awakens the slumbering Slavic soul of the listener - with passion, humor, a voice that grabs you and a virtuoso band that rocks.