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United Kingdom

Gay Hussar Restaurant - London

The Gay Hussar has served national specialities and the finest Hungarian wines for over 50 years. Located in London's 'Theatreland' in Soho, the unique décor and intimate environment have drawn the UK's leading political figures, journalists, and artists alike

Online Food Store - Hungarian Food Specialist

Charcuterie, Pasta, Sauces & Condiments , Spices, Pickled Vegetables, Jam & Preserves, Dairy Products, Confectionery, Organic Products, Hungarian Recipes.

maLux - Hungarian Food and Wine Importer

Hungarian paprika powder, Red and white wines, Hungarian salamis and meat products. Csaba dry and thick sausages, various sliced sausages, 'Vidoni' Salami from Debrecen, etc.

Oxford Hungarian Society

The Oxford Hungarian Society exists for all those interested in Hungarian matters.

British Hungarian Society

The British Hungarian Society was founded in 1990 at a time when Hungary was embracing democracy and a new freedom in contact with the West. It aims to bring together all, British and Hungarian alike, who are interested in Hungary and in further development of British-Hungarian relations. The Society aims to hold six to eight meetings a year to discuss political, economic, educational and social issues. The Society normally holds its meetings in Central London on weekday evenings.

Hungarian Cultural Centre - London

The HCC is associated with the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Hungary. The mission of the Institute is to familiarise the British people and the rest of the world with all the treasures that were spread to Europe by the Hungarians, as well as to highlight the values that Hungary owes to foreign cultures, and in this way emphasising Hungary’s forever lasting bridging role in terms of intercultural communication.

Hungarian Language School - London

The Hungarian Language School in London offers lessons for children and adults in a convenient central London location. At present, the school has separate groups for children and adult learners. Each group is supported by qualified high school language teachers, who are able to teach Hungarian and English (as well as other languages in some cases). One of the greatest merits of our school is that children are taught free of charge. Adults are asked to contribute a small (voluntary) amount towards the school's expenses.

The British Kodály Academy

The British Kodály Academy is a registered charity working for the improvement of music education in the UK, and has been running training courses since 1983. The BKA currently runs an annual programme of courses and activities for people wanting to develop their own musical skills, or to teach music to others, using principles advocated by Zoltán Kodály. The BKA aims to further and disseminate the philosophy and practice of music education initiated by the work of Zoltán Kodály in Hungary; to relate this philosophy and practice to British musical heritage; to work for the improvement of British music education by means of courses, demonstrations, publications and cooperation with other like-minded bodies.

Béla Bartók Centre for Musicianship

The BBCM was established in 1992. Professional, amateur and children's classes focus on comprehensive music education including the Kodály system and the Sáry system, history, analysis and performance skills. Emphasis is placed on those aspects of aural and history studies which are not covered elsewhere. The curriculum and concerts include folk-songs of many nations as well as European art music from the past 1000 years or so. Instrumental playing is an optional but integrated part of the classes. . Musical literacy at its ultimate is a high priority: the sight of a musical score (however complex) translates into full sound in the mind without the aid of any instrument; the sound in the mind can be transferred to paper without mechanical help. The BBCM provides regular weekly classes for young children from age 2 as well as for highly trained professional musicians.

Antal Doráti Centenary Society

The Antal Doráti Centenary Society was formed in Bournemouth in 2004 under the auspices of Bournemouth Borough Council, in order to celebrate and promote the works of the late conductor and composer Antal Doráti, through world-wide research and publication and to promote his works for educational purposes.

Colourstrings and The Szilvay Foundation

Colourstrings was the first to offer music education from a very young age in the UK and is the only approach that can be used all the way up to conservatoire level. It is an extension of the Kodály philosophy: everything starts with singing to develop inner hearing. The Szilvay Foundation is a charity set up to promote the Colourstrings approach and provide teacher training. It has been training teachers in this country for nearly 20 years, and has educated thousands of children. The charity also runs projects in private and state schools throughout the UK and Ireland and provides INSET training.

The British Kodály School

The school will be a co-educational primary school catering for 4-11 year olds with a maximum of 20 children in a class. The curriculum will focus on the creative arts in general but will have music at its heart. The children will sing daily and will have a minimum of four Kodály lessons per week. The curriculum will also include other highly respected and effective approaches to music education such as Dalcroze Eurhythmics.

Hungarian Wine Shop - London

UK based merchant delivering premium wines directly from small family owned vineyards across Hungary.

Piles Treatment

Located in Brentwood (Essex), the Haemorrhoid Clinic is focused on the examination and treatment of piles and specializes in non-operative hemorrhoids treatment, the type of intervention which can be administered on the same day as it was diagnosed. The Clinic boasts a patient-friendly environment maintaining patient secrecy and privacy. Based on your diagnosis, many methods of hemorrhoid treatment are available. Though hemmorhoids can often be treated by using medication and lifestyle changes, there are cases when special attention is required, such as sclerotherapy or hemorrhoidectomy. The Clinic on Saturdays and late at the evening and is situated in close proximity to London in the famous Regency Clinic's building where several parking places are also available if you chose to drive.