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American Hungarian Communities

United Magyar House Los Angeles - California

The United Magyar House is a non profit organization with the purpose of promoting and cultivating Hungarian language and culture. The establishment operating a Ball Room, Restaurant, and Bar; offering group activities for the Hungarian public at southern California area. Some of the activities includes various concerts, literature, art exhibits, and social events. But most of all it is a home to find friendship, to have fun, and celebrate the true Spirit of Hungary.

San Diego House of Hungary - California

The House of Hungary is a member of the House of Pacific Relations International Cottages and one of the 28 international cottages in Balboa Park, San Diego. The houses were built during the 1936 San Diego Exposition for the different ethnic groups to show their traditions, customs, and history. The project was so successful that the City of San Diego decided to donate them permanently to the ethnic groups in order to keep them open for the public. The cottage is open to the public every Sunday afternoon, with a hostess offering homemade pastries, coffee and other refreshments to the visitors. The language school is conducted by professional Hungarian-born teachers and is open to all interested individuals.

San Francisco and Vicinity Hungarian Community Pages - California

Hungarian events calendar, Northern California Hungarian Name & Address List, Hungarian Churches and Organizations, Hungarian Lawyers, Law, Hungarian Doctors and Dentists, Hungarian (and other good) Restaurants; Meat and Groceries, etc.

Thalia Studio Hungarian Theatre of Los Angeles - California

Thalia Studio Hungarian Theatre of Los Angeles, the only Hungarian theatre in the western hemisphere of the United States, and the only Hungarian theatre outside of the historical HUNGARY , existing continuously for more than 19 years, supported only by generous donations of the Hungarian community of Los Angeles, and kept alive by unselfish, sacrificing work by its members, and the need of the Hungarian community.

Cserkészek Online - California

Official home page of the Hungarian scout troops 8 and 49. The members in these troops are Hungarian speaking youths from the greater Los Angeles area learning practical scouting skills and further our knowledge of our Hungarian heritage. All this is accomplished by attending meetings every other week, either in the form of various camping outings or gatherings in Los Angeles.

California Hussars - California

Honoring horses & History: Why Hussars? About the regiment, upcoming events, weddings, fund raising, image gallery, membership info,

Hungarian Club of Colorado - Colorado

Calendar: Upcoming and Past Events, Private Programs, Membership, Donations and Fundraising, History of the Club, Board of Directors, Gallery

Hungarian Cultural Society of Connecticut - Connecticut

The Hungarian Cultural Society of Connecticut (HCSC) is an association of citizens of Connecticut of Hungarian ancestry. The society's goal is to preserve the Hungarian cultural heritage in America. It also supports ethnic Hungarian minority populations in the Transylvania region of Romania and the Carpathian basin. HCSC funds its program entirely through charitable donations. The society's main fund raising event is the annual Gala Dinner. This festive celebration of Hungarian culture, history and heritage is held in the fall.

Hungarian Club of Georgia - Georgia

We are a new organization repesenting the 15,000 people of Hungarian descent in Georgia. The club's mission is to foster appreciation of the Hungarian culture, history and language in the community. This is the club for you if you were born in Hungary or to Hungarian parents, you like to use paprika in your cooking, you are inspired by the story of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution, you have a vague recollection that your Grandmother was Hungarian, you have spent countless hours trying to master the Rubik's cube, you are concerned about the human rights of ethnic Hungarians living in Romania, Slovakia, Serbia and Ukraine.

Chicago Hungarians - Illinois

This web site was created and is maintained by the Hungary Cultural Advisory Council of Chicago so as to provide members of our ethnic community a vehicle for sharing information about their activities among themselves as well as with those outside of their community. The first Hungarian churches in Chicago were founded in 1903 and 1904. The Hungarian community in Chicago is made up of a large number of individuals and organizations who, prevously, have not had a centralized forum for exchanging information about their activities.

Árpádhon Hungarian Settlement Cultural Association - Louisiana

Website for the Árpádhon Hungarian Settlement Cultural Association (AHSCA), which is based in a rural ethnic community known as Hungarian Settlement. This Magyar community is located in eastern Livingston Parish, Louisiana due South of a small town called Albany. The purpose of the AHSCA website is to provide information, not only about this organization, but also about the community of which it is a part. The AHSCA is a registered non-profit organization.

Hungarian Film Club of Chicago - Illinois

Fun events with Hungarians: The goal of the Club is to create a constant and recurring atmosphere in Chicago and its vicinity where you can always partake in fun programs and events together with other Hungarians. The achieves this goal through film screenings and other events. Films are usually on Saturday at 7 pm at St. Stephen's Church, 2015 W. Augusta Blvd., Chicago. Other events vary, whatever the city and the surroundings offer – the Club has had ski trips, skating outings, and museum visits.

Hungarian (Magyar) Club of Chicago - Illinois

The purpose of the Club is to unite men and women of Hungarian descent, to recognize achievements of individuals and groups, to promote Hungarian history and culture. Serve as a forum of discussion of questions of current importance, to foster good fellowship between club members for a continuing appreciation of the heritage of Hungary.

Bartok Bela Hungarian School of Boston - Massachusetts

The Bartok Bela Hungarian School of Boston — Boskola for short — was established in 2000. The school is made up of 65 students from 40 different families, with the students divided into eight groups with ten teachers according to their respective age groups and language skills (as of last school year). The school reaches children from ages three to eighteen. In 2003, an additional program was added: the Bodnar Gabor scout troop, which has become an excellent complement to the school's programs, and which aims primarily to improve students' knowledge and familiarity of Hungarian culture.

Hungarian American Athletic Club - New Jersey

The Hungarian American Athletic Club continues to be one of the leading social organizations serving the greater New Brunswick area. The Club actively supports with annual donations area Hungarian churches, organizations, scouts, and the Szechenyi Magyar School The purpose of this support is to directly contribute to the growth and enrichment of Hungarian American youth.

Hungarian Cultural Association of Indiana University

The Hungarian Cultural Association is a student-run organization at Indiana University. The HCA organizes programs and events for students of the Hungarian language and Hungarian Studies. The group is comprised of both Americans and Hungarians alike, and our membership includes undergraduates, grad students, and community members. Indiana University offers a graduate degree program in Hungarian Studies within the Department of Central Eurasian Studies(CEUS). The Russian and East European Institute(REEI) also provides credit for courses taken within CEUS. A few examples of the activities include: weekly "coffee hour" for Hungarian-language conversation, screening of Hungarian films, and guest lectures by notable Hungarian scholars. Additionally, the HCA sponsors receptions each semester in commemoration of the important historical events of Oct. 23rd and March 15th.

Minnesota Hungarians - Minnesota

The association of Minnesota Hungarians is a nonprofit organization, licensed in Minnesota. Its purpose is to nurture the Hungarian cultural heritage of its members, to represent it in the American society, to participate in the activities of other Hungarian-American organizations, to organize Hungarian cultural and social programs, to welcome Hungarian visitors and newcomers to our state and to assist them, to help Hungarian groups and individuals with their needs, to facilitate relations between the US and Hungary, and to provide expertise and financial support to Hungarians in the Carpathian Basin.

Hungarian Society of Massachusets - Massachusets

The Hungarian Society of Massachusetts, Inc., is a community of individuals of Hungarian descent, and those with an interest in Hungarian culture who, without regard to political or religious affiliation, and in accordance with their talents, opportunities and interests, support the Society and take part in its activities. Hungarian immigrants have resided in New England since the 18th century. As recently as the turn of the 20th century, only a small number of Hungarians lived in Boston: emigration waves brought few settlers to this region.

Hungarian Cultural Center - New York

The mission of the Hungarian Culture Center is to organize and support a broad spectrum of cultural events that present Hungarian culture, and to catalyze interactions among Hungarians and Americans. Founded in 2001, the Center is located in SoHo at 447 Broadway. With 5000 sqft. of space the Center is primarily a venue for exhibitions, lectures, performances, concerts and screenings.

Hungarian-American Club of New Mexico - New Mexico

The Club has been meeting for the last years with the purpose of bringing together people and their families of Hungarian descent and others who are interested in the Hungarian culture and its people. The Club generally meets 5 times a year, which include a meeting in March to commemorate the 1848 Revolution, Szent Istvan’s Feast Day in August, an event in October to remember the 1956 Revolution, St. Nicolas Day in December and an annual summer picnic.

Hungarians of Louisiana - New Orleans

A non-profit tax exempt cultural and educational organization founded November 21, 2000 in New Orleans. The membership consists of US citizens of Hungarian ancestry, Hungarian citizens temporarily staying in the New Orleans area and others interested in Hungarian culture. The organization underwrites the Nyugati Hirlevel a monthly electronic newsletter. It meets quarterly at various venues.

Hungarian House - New York

The Hungarian House is located in a prime section of the Upper East side of Manhattan, in the heart of what used to be, and partially still is, the Hungarian neighborhood of the city. It is surrounded by ethnic stores, restaurants, businesses and five religious centers. The building, conceived in a traditional style, shows Neo-Classical ornamentation fashionable in the late 19th century. On its three levels, it contains offices, a library and various meeting rooms. The auditorium holds close to 200 people theater style. Hungarian House is the home of several non-profit organizations, including the Hungarian boy scouts and girl scouts.

Manhattan Hungarian Network - New York

The Manhattan Hungarian Network is a non-profit organization that was founded by young professionals for young professionals with ties to and interest in Hungary and its culture. The Network's mission is to foster a spirit of goodwill between Hungarians and Americans by strengthening cultural, economic and social ties between Hungary and the United States.

First Hungarian Literary Society - New York

Established in the winter of 1887, the Önképzõ Social Club opened a new chapter in the cultural life of the American Hungarian community around the New York Metropolitan Area. The FHLS is committed to reanimating the cultural and social life of our community through the sharing, practice and celebration of Hungarian history and traditions, arts and culture - in short, the Hungarian heritage.

Magyar Club of the Triangle - North Carolina

Members of this group live in the-Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill area of North Carolina, but the Club also has members from the Triad and from Eastern North Carolina. The club has a close relationship with other Hungarian groups in North Carolina such as Elkin and Asheville. If you are temporarily working in our area, if you have been living here for years, if you are an immigrant Hungarian or later generation, if you are part of a mixed marriage or just curious about Hungarian culture you are welcome! The preferred language is Hungarian, but the members of the club will be glad to translate.

Hungarian Heritage Museum Cleveland - Ohio

The Cleveland Hungarian Heritage Society's mission is to preserve Hungarian culture and the experience of Hungarians in Northeast Ohio, so that others, now and in the future, can draw upon its collection for education, inspiration, and enrichment. To carry out its mission, the Society operates a museum and a library as a center for Hungarian historical, cultural and artistic exhibitions, and sponsors educational and research activities.

Hungarian Cultural Center of Northeastern Ohio - Ohio

Saint Stephen’s Dramatic Club & Geauga Magyar Club: In April of 2001, the members of the Geauga Magyar Cultural Society and St. Stephen's Dramatic Club voted to consolidate into one organization which was chartered as the Hungarian Cultural Center of Northeastern Ohio. Both organizations, having the same interests, felt by combining their two forces, they could continue to foster the Hungarian ideals that each club was founded on. Hungarian Events - Ohio is a non-profit web site provided by the Dayton Hungarian Festival Club. Its purpose is to provide information about the large number of Hungarian social & cultural events in the Greater Dayton area, as well as links to regional and national organizations. To hold the Dayton Hungarian heritage together, a current way of communicating became important. Since the Dayton Hungarian Festival Club is representing all local organizations, and having resources available due to many of you working on the World A'Fair, it initially financed this "digital home" for the local Hungarian heritage.

Hungarian Communion of Friends - Oregon

The Magyar Baráti Közösség (Hungarian Communion of Friends) is a non-profit corporation organized for the purpose of promoting and supporting independent, non-denominational religious life in the Magyar (Hungarian) tradition, charitable work by and among people of Magyar extraction, and cultural-educational endeavors that further established Magyar values.

United German Hungarian Club - Philadelphia

In 1922, the Banater Athletic Club organized. Even in the early years, soccer teams made great strides. In 1939 after a failed merger of all of the German Hungarian clubs, the Club's membership decided to change names to The United German Hungarians of Philadelphia and Vicinity. In 1946, a country property was acquired, and in 1965, the present clubhouse in Oakford, Bensalem Township, became the permanent home. Along with Soccer, dance has always been an important part of the Club's social life. Throughout the years those in charge have brought not only cultural and ethnic music and performers, but also popular entertainment to the Club. The youth of the Sport Club soon started to perform various German, Austrian and Hungarian dances.

Dallaszi Magyar Szó - Texas

Dallas - Ft.Worth Hungarian News. Events, organizations, Hungarian lessons, links, archives.

Hungarian Student Association - University of Texas

The purpose of our organization is to provide easily accessible information about Hungarians in the Austin area, and help new students and others coming from Hungary to adjust to the life at the University and in Central Texas, as well as to keep contact with the greater Hungarian community in Austin. With this homepage we offer a place and a reference point to everyone in the university community and in Austin to learn more about HUSA and about Hungary: the country, its culture and its people.

Hungarian American Association of Washington - Washington

The Hungarian American Association of Washington is a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving Hungarian heritage and to creating better understanding and appreciation of the Hungarian culture in the community. Founded in 1984, the Association serves people of Hungarian descent and those interested in Hungarian culture with educational and social events.

Orange County Hungarians - California

Small friendly group meeting informally from time to time. The purpose of this group is purely social — to meet and have fun with other Hungarians, to share the culture and perhaps some delicious lángos or palacsinta! The site also offers a directory of Orange County Hungarians, photos, links, online resources about the history of Hungary, shopping in Hungary, recipes and learning Hungarian.