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American Hungarian Individuals

Ildikó Kalapács - Visual Artist

Paintings, Sculptures, Murals, Résumé, Articles, Statement, Upcoming Shows, Art News, Representation, Links, Erdély.

Klaudia Kovacs - Acting & Producing, Journalism

Acting: resume, reviews, photo gallery, demo video, representation, articles. Producing: resume, current project, upcoming projects, demo vido, publicity. Journalism: resume, articles for purchase, previous articles.

Kalman Magyar - Violinist & Folk Musician

Kalman Magyar was born in New Jersey in 1973 to Hungarian immigrant parents. At the age of five, Kalman was introduced to the violin through the Suzuki Method, and went on to study for a decade with Stanley Bednar at the Manhattan School of Music’s Preparatory Division, where he also studied piano and viola, in addition to his intensive work in jazz, composition and theory. He rose to become the School’s principal violist until his graduation in 1991. Parallel with his rigorous classical and jazz training, Kalman studied at folk music camps and seminars throughout the United States and Hungary. In 1987, together with his sister Ildiko and fellow Hungária Folkdance Ensemble member Attila Papp, he founded the Eletfa Hungarian Folk Music Band, which still exists today and is one of the United States’ treasured assets of world music.

Steven Istvan Tarjanyi - Entertainer

Steven has been an entertainer since the age of 18 and has over 40 years performing experience as a multi-ethnic singer and guitarist. He was born in Hungary. He graduated as a certified music teacher from a famous Hungarian music school. He is a one man band and his background sounds include guitar, bass, horn section, harmonica, drum, vocal and keyboard. There is a full four to six pieces of background sounds that can be downsized to one acoustic guitar and a vocal sound with electric drum percussion for a smaller event. Steven’s live performance and multi-ethnic collection includes virtually everything from the 40’s to the 90’s. Currently Steven Tarjanyi resides in the Phoenix Metro area.

Istvan Steven Tarjanyi

Posted by Anonymous User at Feb 03, 2008 02:58 AM

Istvan is a fabulous musician...I highly recommend him for your wedding, anniversary,and all Hungarian Party's...He plays an incredible selection of music and sings in 5 different languages..! You can listen to his music and read his biography at: Istvan is a One Man Band....His voice is one you will never forget. ROMANTIC....!

Gladys Kramer

Istvan Tarjanyi

Posted by Anonymous User at Feb 03, 2008 03:10 AM

Dear Gladys!

I agree... We heard him at the Goodyear Marketplace in Goodyear Arizona last weekend ( January 2008 )... He is an incredible musician...He plays an awesome guitar, and his voice is soooo Romantic!

My husband and I have contracted him to play for our Wedding Anniversary on the 4th of May at our home!


Angelia Muscarella