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Butchers & Meat Markets (USA)

Kaczur Meats - Ohio

Since 1945 Kaczur Meats, formerly Kardos Meats, has been making homemade Hungarian specialties such as hurka, fresh and smoked kolbasz, szalonna and kochsonya the traditional way. The butcher shop moved in 1985 to its current location on Broadway Avenue (Bedford, OH) where Robert Kaczur continued the traditional old world preparation of these and other staples in any true Hungarian’s diet. Product range includes szalonna, bacon and speck, kolbasz and sausage, smokies, smoked hams, hocks, and ribs, spices and rubs, Hungarian homemade noodles, Hungarian bakery goods. The site offers online ordering and shipment info.

Hungarian Meat Center - New Jersey

Owner Mike Jozsa took over the storein 1987, and in 1989 he moved to the present location at 189 Parker Ave. Passaic, NJ. 07055. Everything that can be found in a well stocked store is available here, and a long list could be prepared about the items that can be purchased in addition.

Hungarian Meat Market - New York & Connecticut

The history of the Hungarian meat market has begun in the 1950’s on the so called “Goulash Avenue”, when Yorkville Meat Emporium & Fairfield Meat Emporium: Manhattan’s Yorkville district was mostly populated by Hungarian immigrants. No introduction was necessary to the smoked sausage, the Easter ham or the Szekely Goulash those times. As Yorkville’s last Hungarian meat market, the market is committed to saving this culture and cuisine as well as familiarizing visitors with them. Besides the usual Hungarian products like Kalocsa paprika, red pepper paste, apricot jam or „beigli” the market also offers specialties of other European countries, such as German or Swiss chocolate, Greek and Bulgarian cheese, Polish preserved fruits and Czech beers.

European Meat Market - New Jersey

European Meat Market of Glen Rock, NJ: The owners' goal is to introduce traditional European tastes. All meat products are all natural — without preservatives. The butcher shop will continuously sell Fresh Prime Meats of beef, pork, lamb, veal, and natural poultry. You will also find Home style and smoked sausages, hams, salamis and cold cuts.

Louis Bartus Hungarian Sausages and Pastries - Lousiana

Louis Bartus Hungarian Sausages and Pastries is located on Strawberry Lane, just off of La. Highway 43 in Hungarian Settlement. Louis makes two main types of sausage. One is a rice sausage called "hurka," which is similar to Cajun boudin. The other is a pork sausage called "kolbasz." Upon request, Louis will make kolbasz with half turkey. He also makes available a smoked version of kolbasz. Louis's wife, Pauline, makes Hungarian pastries, called "kifli" and "kalacs" when customers place orders for them.

Hungarian grocers in or near Pittsburgh???

Posted by Anonymous User at Sep 28, 2008 01:46 PM

We are looking to find a Hungarian grocer or meat market in or near Pittsburgh, PA. If anyone knows of one, please email me at