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Churches (USA)

Hungarian Presbyterian Church of Wharton - New Jersey

While many in the congregation are proud of their Hungarian heritage, many others are equally proud of other ancestry, including recent Spanish speaking immigrants. This Church is firmly anchored in the Reformed (Református) faith. The congregation has been worshipping God for over 100 years. The worship include separate English and Hungarian language services, with occasional combined language services.

Hungarian Reformed Church Passaic - New Jersey

In the early l890s there were some 40-50 Hungarian Reformed and Evangelical families in the growing and prosperous industrial city of Passaic. There is no record of the organizing meeting but during the summer of 1895 a committee is established to organize the Passaic and area (mostly Garfield) Reformed Hungarians.

St. Stephen's RC Magyar Church Passaic - New Jersey

Founding Pastor, Rev. Géza Messerschmidt wrote about a simple, yet vital formula in an August 1903 address to his parishioners: "Religion, homeland, and a Hungarian Roman Catholic church in the United States." These were the ingredients of an uncertain future, which were mixed to create certain success in an unknown, new world. This community has seen much in the last ten decades: nine pastors, countless baptisms, wedding days, the building of a new school, financial prosperity and the Great Depression, fires, funerals, two world wars, a revolution in Hungary, and thousands of parishioners of all ages who would call this parish their home. Yes, the small group of Hungarian immigrants, who came to this country in the late 1800’s for the chance at a better life, surpassed this dream hundredfold and built their church on a solid spiritual foundation, so strong that it endured its first 100 years.

Calvin Synod Conference

The Hungarian Reformed Churches in the United States and Canada are formed into three church bodies: Calvin Synod Conference of the United Church of Christ, the Hungarian Reformed Church in America, and the United Church of Canada. Although, there are still some splinter independent congregations in existence. The Calvin Synod is a non-geographical conference in the United Church of Christ. The Synod is divided into regional Classis (Eastern, Central, Lakeside, and Western).

Hungarian Baptist Church of Chicago - Illinois

Picture galleries, directions, schedule, staff, youth, links.

St. Stephen Roman Catholic Church Chicago - Illinois

Calendar, reservations, bulletin, photos.

American Hungarian Baptist Church Alhambra - California

The majority of the members of the congregation were born in Hungarian soil: in Hungary, Transylvania, Southerland, and in the disunited northern territories. There are families, whose ancestors were Baptist believers back to four generations. One third of the brotherhood joined to the congregation as adults. There are brothers and sisters, who were born-again in America. Worship in Alhambra: The main part of the Baptist worship is the immersed Bible study. This happens in the Sunday schools. The morning service for the whole congregation starts with worship-songs, led by the youth band. Following this the pastor leads in the congregational prayer, the themes are written in the Hungarian devotional, forming small groups of three-four people. This helps to be in strong and continuous connection with the rest of the Hungarian congregations.

First Hungarian Baptist Church - New York

Mission Work, Worship Services, Audio Sermons, Bulletins, Links

Old Troy Pike Community Church - Ohio

Old Troy Pike Community Church is affiliated with The Calvin Synod United Church of Christ in Dayton, Ohio. The Reverend Zsolt Otvos, M.Div. Interim Pastor welcomes you to our all American-Hungarian, family style, traditional, open to everyone Church Service.

First Hungarian Reformed Church of Los Angeles - California

Church, members, activity. Looking back, Sunday school, weekly schedule.

San Francisco and Vicinity Hungarian Reformed Church - California

The only Hungarian speaking Protestant Congregation in the San Francisco Bay Area. The community offers church services every Sunday, Hungarian Language School, Bible Study Class.

Hungarian Catholic Church Los Angeles - California

Saint Stephen’s Church: Announcements, Sunday Homily, Archives, Articles, Photos.

St. Mary of Victories Historic Church - Missouri

Originally established for German immigrants to St. Louis in the 19th century, Old St. Mary's enjoyed a second rebirth as a spiritual and cultural home to Hungarian immigrants who arrived after the Hungarian Revolution in 1956. Today St. Mary of Victories proudly serves the descendants of these groups as well as the south Downtown business community. Visitors and numerous tourists enjoy the quaint, decorative charm and tranquility of the old church and its landscaped Old World courtyard. Masses, including weddings, funerals and regularly scheduled weekday and weekend services are still held at the parish. A fully equipped church hall and catering facility also operates as part of the parish outreach to the general community and St. I.ouisans of all faiths.