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Donauschwaben Heritage Society

In 1995, Bob Madler started the Banat Mailing List which has discussed genealogy and other cultural topics of Donauschwaben or Danube Swabians around the world. Today the list has almost 750 subscribers and is signaling the growing awareness and importance of our culture. is an attempt to help preserve this heritage, assist in locating people, and tell about Donauschwaben communities around the world. In addition to the The Banat Mailing List the site provides the following resources: Donauschwaben Research Exchange, Photos, Maps and Village Locator, The Best of Banat, Stories, Communies, History, Food.

Hungarian Scouts Association in Exteris

In the early fifties, the DPs (Displaced Persons, refugees from the Second World War and the new Communist regimes in Eastern Europe) started emigrating to various overseas countries. Our first overseas troop was founded in 1950 in Rio De Janeiro. After Brazil and Venezuela, troops were founded in the USA, Canada, Australia, and other countries. Today the Association has active five districts worldwide: I. Europe (Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Sweden, Great Britain), II. South America (Brazil and Argentina), III. (USA and Venezuela), IV. Australia, and V. Canada.

Hungarian Reformed Christian Pastoral Service in Western Europe

There are almost 100.000 Hungarian reformed believers outside the Carpahian Basin linked together in over 80 congregations throughout 15 European coutries, dedicated to loving and serving the Lord our God and each other. The Christian network or framework organization - based on synod-presbytery principles and directed toward Hungarian Protestants, in general and Calvinists in peculiar, living outside the Carpathian Basin, in Western-, Central- and Northern-European Diaspora including the Baltic-Scandinavian region - has a primary aim to preach and offer church services in Hungarian. Called for the Hungarian Reformed Christian Pastoral Service in Western Europe (in Hungarian NyEMRLSz) is aiming to preserve and carry on with Hungarian Reformed traditions concerning spiritual values.

World Federation of Hungarian Veterans

The World Federation of Hungarian Veterans is a worldwide charitable organization with chapters in Europe, North and South America and Australia. It was founded in 1947 by Hungarian veterans of the Second World War. The original aim of the organization was to promote patriotism, the establishment of a Christian Hungarian government; to struggle against the evils of communism, and to commemorate and keep alive the sacrifices of those who suffered and died in the fight for liberty and democratic ideals. Continuing these goals, and providing aid to those of its members who require moral and financial support, the Organization seeks to preserve and propagate Hungarian culture and heritage by its broad support of other Hungarian organization, youth groups, Hungarian cultural events and churches.

Royal Hungarian Gendarmerie Veterans Association

The Hungarian Gendarmerie, known as the Csendőrség, was responsible for the public safety and the maintenance of law and order in rural Hungary from its formation in 1881 until its dissolution at the end of WWII. The Csendőrség was a small force of about 11,000 enlisted men and officers, which was increased to 22,000 during the course of the Second World War to meet the needs of the reclaimed territories and to help reinforce the heavy losses sustained by the regular army (Honvédség). Whether in peacetime or in wartime, the Csendőrs fulfilled their duties according to their motto, “Híven, Becsülettel, Vitézül” (faithfully, honorably, valiantly). The site offers information about the Royal Gendarmerie: pictures, documents, literature, references and links.

World Hungarian Jewish Observer

The official news portal of the World Federation of Hungarian Jews. The Mission Statement of the World Federation of Hungarian Jews: To help and support the subsistence of the Hungarian Jewish Heritage all over the word. To establish mutual understanding and to develop the mutual beneficial and fruitful relationship among the Hungarian Jews living in Hungary, in Israel, and around the world. To represent the worldwide interests of the Hungarian Jews.

Project Retour

Project Retour is a non-profit, privately-founded grassroots initiative, or NGO, which has as its mission to aid returning young Hungarian citizens in the present difficult employment situation in Hungary by establishing networking and community building through the media as well as through direct lobbying efforts with governmental agencies. The young Hungarians in question are those who are returning from so-called brain drain countries, who because they have lived abroad for a number of years are now lacking adequate networks, many lack housing, and due to the high level of current unemployment in Hungary among the highly educated, they have been unable to obtain employment.

Second Life Hungary

Second Life Hungarian community portal. News, forum, hints, descriptions, downloadable teaching substances, pictures, on all of them which are necessary in the virtual world.

Hungarica Information Database

The HUNI (Hungarica Information) database provides information on the Hungarians who live outside of Hungary: their creative activity of any fields e.g. research, arts, cultural life etc. and their political and economical conditions, on the publications from abroad concerning Hungary and Hungarians by foreign authors, on publications from abroad concerning Hungary and Hungarians by authors from Hungary, and - as reflections of general interest - foreign reviews on Hungarian books published in Hungary.