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Art & Antiquities

Antik Centrum - Szentendre

Furniture, works of art, graphic arts, paintings, home assessories, fripperies, furniture ornaments. Antique building material - works of art made from natural material: wall fountains, garden furniture, old marked bricks, antique tiles, cobblestones, stone mason's works. One of the specalities of the shop is the collection of furniture ornaments and decoration made by craftsmen. Sale at catalogue from the storehouse by cash on delivery (C.O.D.) trasportation domestically and abroad as well. Manufacturing of special work by sample is also available.

Patinas Lamps Ltd.

The members of the company have a share in lamp production for nearly 20 years. Within those years they are specialized in the production of secession, baroque and art deco style from the year of 1910-1920. (copper and bronze wall fittings, chandeliers, desk lamps, lamp-stands and ceiling lamps for inside and outside-garden lamps as well.) The firm is unique on the market with it’s 600 different lamps and the interieur accessories (secession, baroque cornices, picture frames). The site is also available in Russian language.

Antikapró - Antique Classifieds

Classified Ads for Antiques and collectibles with the following main topics: old clocks, carpet, textile, ethnical, folklore items, glass, crystal items, jewel, stone, lamp, chandelier, music instrument, camera, statue, scuplture, mask, building material, dealers, furnitures, themes, metal items, old hardware, painting, picture, paper numismatics, porcelain, ceramic, renovation, old restoration, sewing machine, old machine, stoves, fireplace, weapon, gun, arms, old mirror. The site is also available in Swedish language.

Axioart - Art & Antic Trade is an international art trade site with an independent market place. Anyone can search on the antic and art offer of the region, or became seller. You can have a look of the catalogues of well-known galleries or place a bid on live auctions via Internet. transmits live auctions from 2001 springtime via Internet. Result of this was partly an increase in number of clients and buyers for auction houses, but it brushes up the room spirit and also moves prices towards international levels. Biggest auction houses are present clients of axioart. Users are buyers of international antic and art market: collectors and traders from all over the word from New York through Berlin till Tel Aviv. - Contemporary Art Gallery online gallery displays the artworks of artists living in, or nearby the Hungarian town, Kecskemét. Here they show their works collectively, however, they do not form any kind of artistic group. Plein-air means to paint outdoors. In the interpretation of the members of this site, plein air is also a kind of traditionalism, an approach which has not disappeared through the isms of the 20th century. They believe that the figurative depiction still has raison d'étre. Hence the source is the sight, the spiritful experience. Naturalism is a characteristic feature, but that does not necessarily means photorealistic portrayal.

Hungary4deco - Art Deco Furniture

Online gallery specializing in authentic period hungarian art deco furniture. Superb art deco designs with some amazing walnut veneers. All proffesionally restored and repolished ready to go straight into your home.

Rákóczi Online Auction House

The Rákóczi Auctionary House offers the possibility both for sellers and buyers to meet online. After an easy registration you can take part in bids on both sides. The categories are: Antique and Old Books, Antique Cameras, Antique Clocks, Antique Furnitures, Antique Jewels, Antique Papers, Antique Technical, Antique Toys Antique weapons, Antique-Art Objects and Antiquities, Art Print, Artis Musica, Music, Badge, Pin, Banknotes, Bill, Poster, Placard, Books, Camera, Ceramic, Emergency money, Etchings, Copper Engraving, Woodcut, Folk Art, Folklore, Glass, Gobelin, Tapestry Carpet, Invaluable, Piece Beverages, Jewel, Bijou, Clock, Litograph, Maps, Military, Musical Instruments, Newspapers, Periodicals, Magazines, Numismatic, Paintings, Philately and Postal History, Porcelain, Fine ceramics, Postcards, Smoking Pipe-Accessories, Technical Products.