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Clothing & Accessories

Laura Major - Felt Clothes Accessories

Laura Major makes modern clothes accessories by ancient felt technique. Her works were qualified by the Department of Art and Design as unique art and design product. She work with the finest austral merino. This material is agreeable and soft-touching. Her favorite material is produced from the combination of pure silk and wool, because both of the basic materials are wonderful. She is happy to share the tricks of felt making at the courses and presentations. Who hasn’t tried to mould the woolen thread yet, can’t imagine how a pleasant feeling it is.

László Fabula - Shoemaker

Despite his young age he manufactures classical models of world-famous shoe manufactures. The product range of the manufacture includes 24 models(e.g.: Budapest/full brogue derby, Vienna/half-brogue derby, etc.) traditional riding boots, shoes for riding, and leg protectors. All models are hand-made from exclusive natural raw materials in the robust Norwegian welt and the more elegant traditional English welted technologies. His workflow can be seen live by the public each autumn in Szentendre/Hungary on the Wine Festival, where he regularly makes a shoe manufacturing show.

Kukor & Réti Shoemaker Workshop

In the selection of their craftsmen, who have earned a reputation around the world, you may find the classical Budapest, Alt-Wien, New York, London, etc. models, as well as hand-crafted footwear made to follow the latest Italian and French trends in fashion. In addition to elegant and casual shoes, you may also find special hand-sewn walking and motorcycle boots. And if you are interested in some of the tricks of the trade, observe the sewing techniques of our shoemakers, such as the goyser type, chain stitch or English sewn.

Bagaboo Bags

Bagaboo is a small bag manufacturer company in Hungary, Budapest. It was originally established to make messenger bags and other accessories that a bicycle messenger uses during everyday work. The founder of the company used to be a bike messenger in Budapest. Now bagaboo makes other bags and accessories that are not so closely related to messenger work, but one thing you can be sure - you'll get the same quality, if you order a non-messenger bag, too. Bagaboo is about full customization. You can specify the colours, the pattern you want to have on the bag, you can ask for custom pockets or other things that you'd be happy to have on your bag - we can sew almost everything. There are a few retailers worldwide. This means you'll be able to order from a messenger in your city, or maybe he/she will have a few bags in stock... Warranty:

MRSALE Mens' Clothing

"How can MRSALE offer cheap clothing and at the same time quality clothes?" - The company is searching for manufacturers and traders, abroad and at home, who for certain reasons (eg. overproduction, closing down, etc.) have surplus first class, branded suits, jackets, trousers and coats made of natural fabric. MRSALE buys these products for a lower price, sometimes for a much lower price, because of these lower prices, the company offers these goods much cheaper than the usual price.

Energy Suit Salon & Tailoring

Clothes Clinic — Services for maintaining your wardrobe: alteration, reparation, cleaning of fabric, leather and upholstery. Alteration: Retailoring, Turn-up, Tapering, Enlarging, Shortening, Lowering. Repair: Reline, New zipper, Patching, Stoating, invisible darn, Restoring of old clothes, Repair of tears, Darning. Cleaning: Re-ironing, Cleaning of leather, textiles and fur, Laundering, Bio-laundering, Ironing. Renting Clothes and Accessories — For men: Suit, Tuxedo, Tail-coat, Morning coat, Redingote, Stresemann, Bocskai, hungarian traditional coat. Accessories: Waistcoat, cravat, Necktie, Cummerbund, bow-tie, fancy handkerchief, Suspenders, Kid gloves, Top hat, White scarf, Cuff-links. For ladies: Evening dress, Stole. Tailoring — Men’s wear and women’s wear with acute awareness of contemporary trends of the Italian and French fashion. Collections: Classic, Special, Festive, Wedding, Luxury, Tradional and Party collections. For Companies — The tailor’s workshop also deals with the manufacturing and rent of uniforms, first of all with the creation of company-image suits for owners and executives of a company. Services include: Tailoring of men’s and women’s suits, Made-to-measure shirts and blouses Making ties, scarves, French ties of the same kind, embroidery, Uniform clothes for man and woman colleagues, hostesses, Accessories: scarves, shawls, shawl rings, badges, cuff links, tie pins etc. Tailoring of gowns and long robes. The site is also available in Czech language.

Vespucci Leather Wear & Clothing

Exclusive dressmaker's showroom for ladies and gentlemen and bespoke tailoring. Tailor made clothes of textile fabric: fancy dresses, suits, costumes, jackets, blazers, skirts, trousers, blouses. Leather clothes: spring and autumn coats, wintercoats, overcoats, jackets, costumes, blazers. Tailor made suede fur-coats. Alterations, repairs, remodellings. Beside tailoring the company also sells ready-to-wear clothes: fancy overwear for ladies and gentlemen and different accessories.