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Folklore Products

Turania - Traditional Recurve Bow Webshop

Webshop sells handmade Scythian, Hunn and Hungarian Traditional Recurve Bows and Horsebows from the best Hungarian makers. In addition to thet you can by here arrows, quivers, arrow heads, nocks, axes, maces, spear heads, helmets, armours, boots, warriors' belt, beltbuckles, T-shirts, Magyar tarsoly belt pouch and old Hungarian jewelry.

Margaret Soós - Folk Art Gallery

Special selections for ladies who wish to wear stylish and neat costumes, accessories, bags, shawls and napkins. Products are intended for ladies who like fine workmanship, stylish elegance and natural textiles. With the creation of the products they try to save and transmit the varied traditional Hungarian embroidery culture adjusted to the demands of modern days.

Csetneki Hungarian Lace

Csetneki Lace traces its roots back to Irish lace. The village of Csetnek is to be found in the region of Gömör, it's a mining village in the Röczei mountains some 12 kilometres east of Rozsnyó. The Csetneki Hungarian lace can boast a high level of acknowledgement. This kind of lace designed with taste is seen by the connoisseurs as a noble cultural treasure.

Hevesi Folkart & Handicraft Cooperative

Woven home textiles: Natural fibres (cotton, flax and hemp) are used for making picked-yarned and striped tableclothes, table sets, table decorations, curtains and pillows. Hand-embroidered products: various special embroidery techniques (thread counting techniques, drawn work, Hungarian point, stem stich) and the hand-knitting and hand-crocheting are made by women from Recsk, Bodony, Tarnaméra and Heves. Felt gift products: traditional felt vests and jackets, coloured Hungarian gifts, felt figures and articles for personal use. Sewn products: hand-decorated folk art and children's blouses, clothes, coats and jackets characterizes the work in the sewn section with almost 100 workers.

Szakács Gábor Blue-dyer - Szombathely

The bluedyeing, the row of it, and the technology came from India. In the XVIIIth century in Europe, more and more manufactories were established. In the XIXth the blue dyeing went into a decline during the industrial development. The village-life underwent radical changes, the factory works changed their dressses, and these cases changed the traditions, the claim to the traditional habits in Hungary. Traditional blue dyeing products have been made continuously in the workshop in Szombathely - that can be found from the Austrian border only 10 km far - since 1950. The workshop’s furniture, the used equipments, patterns - origin from the 1900s -, can be used today as wel. The perrotin printingmachine was made in Berlin in 1880, and about 400 pieces of printing blocks belong to it. The owner welcomes guests in his workshop, and after making a previous appointment he can receive bigger groups, to those he performs the workshop, and the process of the manufacture.

FolkArtHungary Online Store - Embroidery crafts

The Hungarian embroidery crafts (clothing, doilies, runners, tablecloths, pillowcases, laces and many more) have their old traditions and continue to develop in the present days. FolkArtHungary's store offers you a wide variety of these folk handicrafts. All products of are hand-made, and they were made by Hungarian craftsmen, in Mezökövesd and Kalocsa.

Folkology - Authentic Folk Craft Webshop

Folkology creates modern cross stitch chart packs based on the centuries-old organic needlework traditions of Hungary. These patterns and techniques have not only stood the test of time and survived, but they’ve also evolved into a rich heritage of mature and innovative design. Now, thanks to Folkology, they are available in easy to use charts and kits so you can bring the long-lost Hungarian past back to life in your own home. Other products include: Blue-dye goods, Books, Calendars, Embroidery, Fabric, Folk Art Dolls, Handwoven textiles, Playing cards, Postcards and prints, Trim, Wooden bowls.

Garasi Katalin's Hungarian Folklore Dolls

The dolls are made from china/porcelain, they are 40 cm tall and they are dressed in the most famous Hungarian national dresses, mainly national costumes from region Kalocsa, Boldog and Transilvanian gentlemanly national dresses, but it's not a problem for to make any kinds of national dresses for the dolls upon request. The dolls are made with a lot of work: with embroideries, with special beading, with reticulated edges with lace. They need patience and a lot of care. Their hairstyle is finely worked out.

Forrás Folk Art Shop - Kecskemét

One of the exceptionally colourful space of Kéttemplom köz in Kecskemét is Forrás Gallery, where customers are awaited with assortments of high levels, jury graded folk arts and crafts. The name of the shop also reflects that people of Kecskemét, national and foreign tourists can only find and buy here unique artworks of masters of folk art and folk artist craftsmen and women whose knowledge originate from the old Hungarian tradition. Product range: Pottery, Clothes, Coverings, Haversacks, Flasks, Whips, Wood-carvings, Dolls, Books, CDs.

Kalocsa Embroidery - Patterns & Designs

The art of Kalocsa Embroidery was born in the second half of the 19th century. Originally the needlework was only white and the embroidery patterns were merely made up by holes. The compositions were very simple and clearly arranged. The motifs were borrowed from nature: clusters of grapes, lilacs, lilies of the valley, roses, forget-me-nots, violets delighted the eyes. At the end of the 19th century, the art of Kalocsa embroidery went through creative innovations. The holes of the pattern designs were filled but there were also many artists who liked to combine the two needlework styles. The motifs of tulip, lily, paprika, corn in the ear appeared at that time. In the Gallery you can see both rare old white Kalocsa style hand embroidery and traditional coloured Kalocsa hand embroidery: Runners, Doilies, Tablecloths.

Leonetta Folklor & Gabor Handicraft Shops

Leonetta Folklor and Gabor Handicraft shops are located in the Central Markethall of Budapest (Hungary) on the Pest side at the Liberty bridge. These shops sell Hungarian hand made table clothes, blouses, dolls and other kind of souvenirs from Kalocsa. You can custom make your tablecloth after the size of the table in this shop.

Belle Epoque Folk Art Shop - Szentendre

Family run shop offers antique and new folk art - authentic design, made by Hungarian artisans. Every item is handmade and made from natural materials with traditional techniques. Table runners, handwoven kitchen towels, century old crochet hook laces, decorative covers, old Hungarian folk outfits, embroidered pillowcases and so much more. The shop is located in Szentendre.

Unas Folkart Webshop

Give your clothing or furnishing a special touch with beautiful needlework, embroideries and popular art creations. And besides you can keep and transmit popular traditions. Among the famous Hungarian popular embroideries the shop mainly carry Matyó embroidery pieces, but over this you can also find products in the catalogue, adorned with beautiful patterns in Kalocsai-, Buzsaki-, Tardi-, Szentistvani-Style. <br />I hope that our demanding out-carried needlework, tablecloths and clothing (embroidered blouses, shirts, stoles etc.) products, but also our furnishing, kitchen decoration, and present ideas will gain your delight and that you will take pleasure in wearing them or in decorating your home.</div>