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Diagnostic Centres & Labs

Melanomamobil - Mobile Melanoma Screening

The purpose of Melanomamobil is to proactively handle the risk of increasing number of melanomaa, more effectively than the public sector does. Members of the team are motivated oncologists, dermatologists. The examination takes about ten minutes, it's simple, quick, thorough, painless and not associated with any risks. The site is also available in Czech and Slovak languages.

DermaPix Mole and Skin Cancer Diagnostics

DermaPix Mole and Skin Cancer Diagnostics has been established for the digital photography, archiving, and computer-assisted diagnostics of skin cancer and potentially precancerous lesions, such as moles and birthmarks. DermaPix utilizes a high-resolution digital skin microscope to aid the and enhance the diagnostic accuracy of the examination, and to record all suspicious lesions for further follow-up. Compared to traditional naked-eye examination, Dermapix is far more accurate in detecting melanoma, and capable of the early diagnosis of changing or suspicious skin lesions.

Positron Diagnostics PET-CT Centre

The most important key to successful treatment and cure of cancer is early, reliable and precise diagnosis of the disease. Today, the most effective such diagnostic tool is the PET-CT examination. Older imaging technologies (X-ray, ultrasound, MRI and CT alone) have limitations in diagnosing tumours since they do not provide information on the characteristics of a tumour (malignant or benign). How is PET-CT used for diagnosing cancer: by confirming or ruling out the most widespread malignant diseases, by providing exact localization of tumours, determining their nature and extent prior to surgery, by following up on the effectiveness of treatment. Other uses of PET-CT diagnostic technology: cardiovascular diseases, early diagnosis of coronary disease without cardiac catheterisation, determining viability of myocardium prior to heart surgery, diseases of the central nervous system, early diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease, localisation of epileptic foci prior to surgery, most reliable identification of recurrences of brain tumours after primary treatment. additional diagnostic services of multislice CT: virtual endoscopy (colon, stomach, oesophagus), virtual bronchoscopy (an alternative of bronchoscopy), CT examinations instead of angiography, native and contrast CT examinations (head, neck, chest, abdomen, small pelvis, extremities). The site is also available in Romanian language.

Pronuk Diagnostics

Dr. István Tulok of Pronuk Diagnostics has developed a novel diagnostic system utilizing enzymatic tumor marker determinations for the early detection of cancer. This system enables the detection of malignant metabolic processes even before the onset of clinical symptoms. The Centre's diagnostic services (enzymatic tumor markers, total antioxidant status, hematology, clinical chemistry, hemostasis) are recommended if you are conscious of your health; if any of your family members was diagnosed with cancer - to decrease your risk; if you receive any form of cancer therapy - to evaluate the effectiveness of your therapy; if you have recovered from cancer - to detect relapse or potential metastases.

SoXRa Ultrasound & X-ray - Komárno

Traditional X-ray diagnostics: chest X-ray, skeletal X-ray. Mammogram. Ultrasound: sonogram of the soft organs, sonogram of the abdomen region.