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Hospitals & Medical Centres

Rózsakert Medical Center

Comprehensive, state-of-the-art clinic offers outpatient primary and subspecialty care, including surgical and aesthetic procedures, health maintenance, education, and screening. Doctors are on call and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with a computerized appointment system to ensure your busy schedule is respected and waiting time is kept to a minimum.

Saint John's Hospital

Saint John's Hospital, founded in 1893, was built in accordance with the highest standards of that time in Europe. During the last 110 years, many excellent medical researchers and educators, recognized on a national or international level, have made their careers at Saint John's. Alongside eight high-ranking professors of medicine, a significant number of fine scientific researchers have made Saint John's their home; they have become known nationally and internationally after making their contribution to Hungarian and international medical literature. More than 40,000 inpatients are treated yearly at Saint John's, and the number of outpatient examinations is close to 700,000. Most clinical fields are represented at the hospital, and out of the nineteen district hospitals in Budapest, it is ours where the medical staff practice in the greatest range of major medical fields. Almost eight hundred qualified nurses and medical assistants provide professional care for the patients.

Ars Medica Laser Clinic

Ars Medica Laser Clinic started to provide medical consulting-hours in its surgery centre at 14th June 1992. The Clinic started to operate its new one day surgery centre in 1994 made up of three operating rooms, patient-rooms, examination rooms and other service units. The air-conditioned single or two-bedded patient-rooms are equipped with nurse-signal device, phone, TV and Internet-access and food is ensured on basis of a la carte. By the involvement of the different medical specialties and the continuous improvement of the surgical instruments today the Clinic is ready to perform operations with anaesthesia requiring even several days of nursing.

Art Medic Private Clinic

ART MEDIC Private Clinic was among the first private clinics in 1991, at the dawn of Hungarian private healthcare, to open its doors to patients who were seeking treatment in a comfortable and elegant environment in Budapest. Ever since that day, the Clinic's goal has been to provide quality dental care, cosmetic and reconstructive surgery to the patients. Today, more than 10 surgeons, all experts in their special fields, and their assistant staff is at you and your family’s service at the refurbished and expanded ART MEDIC clinic. ART MEDIC offers plastic surgery and dental treatments with the most up-to-date technology and modern equipments in a pleasant and welcoming environment.

Bivident Gynaecological Surgery - Tata

4D Sonograph - Have the first photo of your baby, inside the uterus taken, and if you wish it can also be saved on CD. Not only the mother but also those invited by the mother are welcome to watch the baby movie. Listen together to the foetal heart-sounds of your baby. This apparatus is suitable for the execution of FLOWMETRIA and COLOR-DOPPLER Ultrasound examinations as well, thus the mothers-to-be can resort to our services WITHOUT LONG WAITING hours in a calm and intimate environment.

Buda Health Center

CONSULTATIONS: Complete out-patient care, special examinations arranged through co-provider institutions, dependable hospital backing. For those buying health care packages family practice physician is available. DIAGNOSTIC EXAMINATIONS: Radiology, Ultrasound and Mammography examinations available on the premises. SCREENING EXAMINATIONS: Screening examinations follow current medical protocols and take into account each individual's needs and medical history. All examinations take place in-house. Examinations are by appointment only and usually take from 3 to 4 hours.FLAT-RATE SERVICES: Our flat-rate health care packages offers continual coverage to individuals and families. OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH CARE: The Buda Health Center offers Occupational Health Care coverage in four - A, B, C and D - categories. MANAGEMENT SCREENING: These examinations help in maintaining good health and, most importantly, help prevent possible illnesses through counselling, early detection, diagnosis and treatment. FLAT-RATE HEALTH PLANS: Flat-rate Health Plans are of special value to corporations concerned about the health and welfare of their employees, are working toward cutting down absenteeism due to illness and wish to offer health care to their employees as a benefit.

Citymed Medical Service Company

Primary activities: consultation on general treatment, factory medical consultation, basic treatment for adults. Consultation scenes: Citymed G.P.’s offices (Sas utca), Medical Adviser’s office (Hold utca), Certain companies’ factory medical offices.

Dévai Outpatient Clinic & Infertility Center

The privately run Dévai Outpatient Clinic and Infertility Center is located in a pleasant environment at the feet of the south-Buda hills. The Clinic provides high quality care for infertile couples, including the most advanced technologies of in vitro fertilization (IVF), and also provides professional management for the widest range of gynecological and obstetrical problems in an outpatient system. Services include: Management of infertility: Complete diagnostic procedures for men and women, Ovulation-induction, Arteficial insemination with partner’s/donor sperm, In vitro fertilization (IVF) and embryo transfer (ET), Intracytoplasmatic sperm injection (ICSI), Assisted hatching, Embryo cryopreservation, Blastocyst culture. Gynecology: Complete gynecological cancer screening (PAP-smear, bimanual examination, transvaginal ultrasound examination), Infections (lower tract infections, pelvic inflammatory disease (PID)), Menstrual disorders (irregular bleeding, premenstrual tension), Hyperandrogenic symptoms (acne, hirtsutism), Climax therapy, Contraception (pill prescription, intrauterin devices, emergency contraception), Gynecological surgery with hospital background. Obstetrics: Regular pregnancy care, Fetal ultrasound screenings.

Dr. Rose Medical Center

4D prenatal care ultrasound, Somatoinfra: a painless examination system that is capable of creating images from the infrared waves the human body emits and thus makes it easy to trace early-stage, previously undiagnosed conditions and tumors. Breast screening: Examination by touch, Somatoinfra diagnostics, Breast ultrasound, Mammography and ultrasound scan, Histology. Videocolposcope: Scars on the cervical orifice. Cervical cancer screening. Gastroenterology: The gastroscope, colonoscope and rectoscope are used for examination when a patient has digestive problems. Plastic surgery: Liposuction, Lip enhancement and wrinkle filling using injections, Correction of ears, Rhinoplasty/Nose surgery, Eyelid surgery, Facelift, Mastopexy: correction of drooping breasts, Breats enlargement for women, Breast reduction, Gynecomastia: male breast reduction, Abdominoplasty (tummy-tuck), Dermatological corrections. Lumenis One laser platform for aesthetic medicine: skin rejuvenation, treatment of rosacea, removal of telangiectasis, treatment of hyperpigmentation, melasma, poikiloderma, nevus flammeus, removal of chloasma, treatment of cicatrices and striae, removal of warts, scars, moles, liver spots, treatment of spider veins and superficial varicose veins on the leg, hair removal.

Expat Medical Budapest

Expat Medical concentrates on the medical needs of expatriates in Hungary. Expat Medical is a group of doctors who have been treating patients together, putting together their knowledge and practice to achieve effective and accurate diagnosis and treatment. In order to ensure continuity before, during and after your stay in Hungary Expat Medical supplies you with the medicines you are used to, continuing the vaccination schedule of the children with the same brands they had earlier. The site is also available in Russian and Swedish languages.

Whole Body Thermotherapy Center - Feldebrő

"Fenyves" Pain Relief, Immune Strenghtening and Rehabilitation Center: the Whole Body Thermotherapy Center serves to aid pain patients, cancer patients, allergic patients and dieting patients. Thermotherapy works by emitting an A-type infrared ray, which penetrates into the capillary beds within the subcutaneous layers of the body, thus raising the temperature of the blood. The 3 acre large Health Center lies on the verge of Feldebrő. The area is comprised of 3 buildings and an acre large forest in which the Route of Love with 7 stations can be found. The main building consists of medical rooms, a salon and 3 luxurious guest rooms. The second building consists of 12 guest rooms with double beds and a bathroom. The restaurant for 40 people, along with a modernly equipped kitchen is also found in this building. The third building is a Fitness House comprised of a Finnish sauna with built-in colour therapy lights, massage rooms, a swimming pool (28 °C) and an exercise room with mirrors. All of the above are available for the rehabilitation, immune stimulation and pain relief of all the guests.

Focus Medical - Eye microsurgery & Laser Centre

Located at one of the nicest spots in Budapest, in the heart of Danubius Thermal Hotel’s International Health Center on Margaret Island, the institution offers state-of-the-art, individualized vision correction services. Focus Medical Ophthalmic Microsurgery and Laser Center has provided surgical interventions for eye problems since 1990. Thousands of people have regained the experience of glasses-free clear vision at the center, and our eyeglass-wearing costumers have left tens of thousands of diopters behind at the clinic. Those who need glasses or contact lenses to see distant objects clearly and would like to get rid of these aids, should consider laser vision correction, if there are no medical contraindications. Based on nine-year experience, tens of thousands of successful treatments and worldwide statistical figures, it can be safely said that laser surgery is successful, even severe refractive errors can be cured or significantly improved.

Istenhegyi Private Clinic

The clinic's activity was started in 1999 and up today it be­came one of the biggest pri­vate health institutions. The con­sult­ing rooms, the 2 op­er­a­ting the­a­tres with modern equip­ment, also the wards with bathrooms are situated on app. 1200 sqm area. In addition to traditional medical consultation the range of services is widened by varicose and skin laser therapy, outpatient's department for pain, headache, slimming program with special INSUmed nutrition additive, Bemer magnetic treatment. In the Clinic's Gene Diagnostic Centre high levelled molecular diagnose are exected for which the most modern molecular biological techniques are used (qualitative and quantitative PCR, FISH, immunohistochemistry). Traditional cy­to­ge­ne­tic, cy­to­logical and histological tests complemented by modern genetic tests' results give possibility for a complex di­ag­nosis.

Kardirex Healthcare Centre - Győr

Kardirex Healthcare Centre is the largest private healthcare institute of Győr-Moson-Sopron County since Kardirex Healthcare Centre is situated in one of the most central suburbs of Győr. Within the county clients can visit the Centre's clinics in Csorna, Kapuvár, Mosonmagyaróvár, Zalaegerszeg and Budapest. Services include: general surgical and proctological consultation, accident and hand surgical consultation, internal medicine consultation, dermatological consultation, cytopathology, bone -densitometria, diabetological consultation, endocrinological consultation, life insurance medical examinations, vascular surgery consultation, basic occupational healthcare, oto-rhino-laryngological consultation, gastroenterological consultation, family doctor practice, neurological consultation, driving licence validation, firearm licence, cardiological consultation, laboratory tests, manager examination, gynaecological consultation, ortopedic and sport surgical consultation,rheumatological consultation, ophthalmological consultation, pulmonological consultation, ultrasound-diagnostic consultations, urological consultation.

Kelen Hospital

Kelen Hospital is a fully modernized, private hospital located in the 11th district of Budapest, built as a private investment in 1998. The hospital rovides the following outpatient services: cardiology, dentistry, dermatology, diabetology, ear-nose-throat, gastroenterology (colonoscopy, gastroscopy), gynecology, headache ambulance, therapeutic gymnastics, internal medicine, laboratory, laser hair removal, laser therapy, ultrasound, x-ray, mammography, nephrology, neurology, occupational healthcare, ophthalmology, orthopedics, pediatrics, pediatric surgery, surgery, plastic surgery, psychology, psychiatry, rheumatology, urology. One day surgery: ear-nose-throat, orthopedic surgery, plastic surgery, pediatric surgery, general surgery, vascular surgery, urology.

Medical Center Budapest

Medical Center Budapest evolved from a small company and has been providing medical service since 1991. In 2006, to provide for better patient services, the Center opened a 240 square meter European level new office, equipped this larger office with state-of-the-art facilities and devices and expanded former activities (dentistry, orthodontics, gynecology and occupational health care) with panoramic X-ray, vascular surgery, plastic surgery, cardiology and orthopedics. The site is also available in Russian language.

Medve Medical Polyclinic

The Medve Medical polyclinic has opened its doors on January, in 2007. It is the first materialized, private clinic in the II. district of Budapest, which provides complex medical supplies for the patients. 14 specialists work there in 18 professions. The aim of the clinic is to find everything in one place, to offer the whole selections of the out-patient supplies for the visitors- equally for private individuals and companies. Altough the clinic was worked out for adult supply, the doctors assume to cure children, too. ( dermatology, urology, ortopedics)

MultiMedical - Polyclinic

The following Consultation Services are provided by MultiMedical: allergy and immunology, cardiology, dermatology, diabetes clinic, dietetics, gastroenterology, gynecology, internal medicine, neurology, occupational medicine, ophthalmology, pediatrics and adolescent medicine, physical therapy, therapeutic massage, ultrasound diagnostics, urology.

OPTIK+MED Laser Eye Center

Eagle eye treatment in Hungary: So far, the aim of laser treatments has been to achieve 100% vision. This means that patients are able to read the lowest row of the vision chart from the usual 5-metre distance after treatment. In the last two years , diagnostic and treatment procedures in ophthalmology have developed enormously. The equipment developed in 2000 now makes it possible to detect and treat errors of refraction which were undetectable with previous methods. With the new instruments, treatments can now be carried out by which visual acuity can be doubled. As a result, the smallest letters of the vision chart can be read from a distance of 10 metres instead of the usual 5 metres.

Optimum Laser Centre for Better Vision

OPTIMUM Laser Centre for Better Vision opened in April 2000. Since then thousands of successful eye surgeries have been performed at the facility. Laser refractive surgery treatments offered: Zyoptix procedure with Bausch&Lomb's unique laser vision correction system which advanced the Lasik procedure to a new level of precision, LASIK (LASer In situ Keratomileusis) - Laser procedure using the flap techniques, PRK (PhotoRefractive Keratektomia) - laser surgery performed on surface of eye, LASEK (Laser assisted sub-epithelial keratomileusis) - a newer alternative in Opthalmology

Palikó Health Care - Keszthely

Specialist's surgery with operating theatre and hospital rooms. Specialities are: Dermatology, Skin surgery, Medical cosmetics, Ear, nose, throat specialist, Illnesses spread via sexual contacts, Allergology, Laser, Peeling, Furrow filling, Hair therapy, Abdomen ultra wave.

Dr. Tisza Tímea - Dermatologist & Venerologist

Beside a general dermatological practice (treatment of eczema, psoriasis, acne, rosacea, hives and fungal infections, removal of warts and other growths, diagnosis of moles and skin tumors, etc.) her primary field is treatment of sexually transmitted diseases. In the investigation of the patients, state-of-the-art medical laboratory tests help her setting up the precise and correct etiological diagnosis, thus clarifying which agents are responsible for the symptoms. The list of these infectious agents is as follows: Chlamydia trachomatis, Neisseria gonorrhoeae, Mycoplasmas, Candida species, Trichomonas vaginalis, Human papillomavirus, Herpes simplex virus, Other bacteria, Anaerob bacteria, HIV (AIDS), Treponema pallidum - syphilis (lues)

Bioptron Medical Centre

Established in 1990, the Bioptron Medical Centre specialises in treating patients with polarised light. The polarised beam emitted by Bioptron medicinal lamps is ordinary visible light except that the light-waves vibrate along one single plane in space. This minor alteration to ordinary light has far-reaching medicinal consequences: polarised light stimulates the immune system and boosts metabolic processes, to name but a few of its biological and therapeutic effects. While it is used for much the same purposes as low-power lasers, polarised light is more simple to produce and therefore more readily accessible to patients. Services offered: dermatology, surgery, sports medicine, cosmetology, Polarium.

DDGroup Surgeries

Breastdiagnostics, -screening, surgery, plastic surgery, infertility, genetics, 4D ultrasonic, complete prenatal-care, complete gynaecology.

Health Guard Hungary - Medical Services & Assistance

Health Guard Hungary provides a special service package individually tailored to the needs of foreign citizens while staying or traveling in Hungary. In addition to the Comprehensive Primary Care the Company's Budapest third district medical suite also offers Mobile Medical Service. The specialized assistance is through Patient Advocate Service, when the company's physician will drive or accompany the sick or injured patient, and guide him/her throughout local health care institutions. Most of the clients are tourists and travelers, as well as temporary or permanent residents of Hungary. Insurance Companies are given special assistance in the field of health care services related billing and legal issues.

Dr. Rose Medical Center

Dr. Rose Medical Center is situated in the heart of Budapest. It's a unique initiative in Hungary which was established with the purpose of providing high quality medical service with no compromises. The private clinic's doctor's excel in their respective field and the equipment installed meet the highest expectations. Among the clinic's services, healthcare packages and lifestyle programs can also be found.

Dr. Rose Private Hospital

The first private hospital in Hungary was established with great emphasis on service-orientation and to leave behind the conventional hospital environment. The Dr. Rose Medical center boasts medical attendance of the highest standard and an instrumental bay measuring up to the most modern expectations. The hospital offers complex medical service in 28 specialties with personalised health services in a modern, exclusive environment.

MamaRose Obstetrics

MamaRose, the Obstetrical Department at the Dr. Rose Medical Center offers Obstetrical Packages in various formats. It also runs a Family Planning Program to minimize the possible risk factors starting off from fertilization until child birth. Dr. Rose’s infant care and services offer expert Paediatrician services to newborns and children alike. MamaRose's aim to provide professional, quality medical care to mothers and infants from fertilization till the child grows up.