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Ildikó Dunaszegi - Massage - Székesfehérvár

Refreshing massage: Increases the local circulation, reduces the load of the heart by the backflow of venous blood. Anti fatigue massage: Massage therapy does not only refresh the muscles, the skin and the circulation, but it has a wonderful effect on the nervous system, too. Relax: This relaxing massage loosens the tense muscles and calms the nervous system, thus makes the rhythm of the body to slow down. Back massage: Effective remedy for the back pain caused by regular office work or long drives. Full body massage: Effective treatment both for the body and the soul. Honey massage: Removes toxins, reliefs pain, and nerves and boosts the immune system. Child massage: Based on Swedish massage. The treatment is adjusted to the characteristics of the children's muscles.

Destress Massage

In downtown Budapest, Destress Massage will offer you a tailored massage service. Amaury, a professional massage therapist with years of experience, is offering therapeutic massage, stimulating or simply relaxing. Massage treatment by appointment only, home visit and corporate services. During the massage session, massage techniques are used: trigger point therapy, and gentle stretches to get rid of stress, muscles soreness, neck aches and lower back pain. But also Lymphatic Drainage Massage, Swedish Massage, Hot Stone Massage and Sports Massage are available.