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Rheumatology & Physical Therapy

Mozgásszervi Centrum

Our Mozgásszervi Centrum practises medical rehabilitation activities exploiting a wide range of conservative therapy (i.e. non-surgical) facilitated by locomotion medicine. In the Mozgásszervi Centrum after physical examinations patients get individual physiotherapy exercises depending on their present status. The most important goals of physiotherapeutic treatments are the alleviation and termination of pains, the improvement and completion of articular mobilisation and functions. There are plenty of therapeutic means available for effective alleviation of pains and restoration of mobility. Orthopaedic Manual Therapy (OMT) represents a specific field of physiotherapy in the health care available in the centre. With its help the centre follows the international standard in the examination and treatment of locomotion illnesses and injuries.

Pain Ambulance

Fájdalom-ambulancia (Pain Ambulancia) was established in 2003 by physicians with the aim of alloying traditional medicine with the most modern methods known today in order to cure patients suffering from locomotor disorder. The guiding principle of the Ambulance is the holistic approach, which makes it possible to work out a personally fitted therapy to the patients that does not build on one element only. Therefore in the Ambulance not only the appropriate specialists and healers are at the disposal of our patients suffering from locomotor disorder but also physiotherapeutic equipments are available that are considered worldwide to be the most modern appliances.

Nikolett Huszár Massage-therapist

Nikolett Huszár alternative physio- and massage therepeutist is studying massage and it's beneficial effects since 2000. She offers personalised, traditional eastern and western therapeutical massages. In her therapy she's focusing on the whole human body.

Revita - Private Clinic for Rheumatology

Revita Private Clinic for Rheumatology was the first specialised, full time private clinic established after the change of the political system in Hungary. Special interests: rheumatoid arthiris, osteoporosis.

Dr. István Kő - Consultant in Rheumatology

Dr. István Kő, M.D. - specialisations include internal medicine and rheumatology-physiotherapy. For over 35 years he has been treating patients with spinal and joint diseases, and, on account of his special qualification, also administering manual therapy and acupuncture treatments to such locomotor disorders. Manual therapy is a kind of treatment that borrows methods from chiropractor, but is based on a solid medical knowledge. In addition to working at hospital, has a well-equipped private surgery for 15 years.

Reha-Rheuma Private Clinic - Hévíz

The Reha-Rheuma Clinic is situated in the city centre of Hévíz, about 300 m from Hévíz Lake. The guests can get the medical bath treatment at the nearby spa lake in Reha-Rheuma Private Clinic where constant medical service and control is always available. The services are the following: Dyadinamic, Galvanic treatment, Vibrax massage, Ultra wave, Medical massage, Iontoforesis,Selective electric wave, 4 niche galvanic, Interferentia, Magneto therapy, Inhalation, Light therapy: Evolite, Bioptron, etc., Wrappings: Sulfur, Ritex, etc.

Dr. Palotai Private Praxis - Hévíz

The Palotai Private Praxis was founded in 1986. The doctor with his team , after 17 years experience as a physician and 20 years hospital work, now treats his clients in the Hotel Napsugár***. Services include intrinsic treatment, rheumatology. Therapical possibilities: Packages: sulfur-, mud-, and special ones. Massage: whole body-, body part-, foot massage. Balneo-therapy: under-water- massage, tangentor, Galvan bath, whirl-bath. Electrotherapy, ultra sound treatment, interference-electricity treatment, dia-dinamics, iontoforesis, etc. Further on: rheuma and intrinsic treatment, vessel-Doppler, complex balneo-physiotherapy, lab tests.