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Tattoos & Piercing

Tattoo de Sade - Tattoo & Piercing

Up to now Csaba Müllner worked mostly abroad ( Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Netherlands ) but now he has his own Studio in Budapest: the Tattoo de Sade. He likes every style in the world of tattoos, but his favourite is realistic fantasy. He makes the tattoos in 90% with free hand, the little details and colours are the most typical in his works.

Celtic Moon Tattoo Salon

Celtic Moon Tattoo Salon opened in 1995 at 17 Váci street, in the heart of Budapest. While sitting in the waiting room, you can confortably browse catalogues displaying a wide-ranging collection of patterns and jewellery. The studio, uniquely in Hungary, is equipped with all the modern technical apparatus necessary to carry out the pattern of your choice, or any other personal conception, within a maximally sterile environment. Production of high-standard artistic tattoos and the professional fitting of body-piercings are guaranteed.

Fakir Tattoo & Piercing Shop

Gábor Kütsán has been making tattoos since the beginning of the 90`s and learned the tricks from artists in reputable studios in Germany, the Netherlands and the U.S. He has set up his own studio in 2005 and he works with top-notch equipment and the best quality materials in a clean environment; with the sterile technique and health and safety as much important as art is.

Ex Animo Tattoo & Piercing Studio - Békéscsaba

Tattoo: black and white, colour, cover up. Piercing.

Pain Art Tattoo & Piercing - Hajdúszoboszló

The air-conditioned shop is open all-year round. You can find it in Hajdúszoboszló, opposite the open-air bath. Services: artistic tattoos from a graphic, correction and covering of old tattoos, piercing. The site is also available in Polish language.

Boncz Tattoo

Imre Boncz started with the art of tattoo on the advice of his friends, László Lajos and Galántai Balázs in 1996. They were famous tattoo artists by that time, and the taught him the secrets and tricks of this art. For many years he has made many tattoos in The Netherlands and Germany where he gained a lot of experience. Imre strives to make his tattoos to meet customers tastes and needs, but he happily provides samples and gives advice for ideas, size, etc.

Landway Tattoo

Tattoos: black & gray, colour, cover-up, tribal, Flash. Piercing.

Stingers Tattoo Studio

Professional tattoo art from catalogue or own design. Unique design collection, friendly prices. In the studio you will find a clean, sterile atmosphere and thousands of images to choose from.

Tommy's Tattoo & Flash

Tamás Baranyi, the owner of the studio has worked in Germany, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Canada and USA and even more adventurous places such as Israel and Egypt as tattoo maker. His philosophy is using no schemes, each and every work is individual as the future holder of the tattoo is unique, as well. Tattoos should be in harmony with the body and the form of the body. He carefully designs each work paying special attention to provide an integral image of the tattoos and its holder. Tamás uses a shading black and white technique based on simple forms and contrasts. This specific technique ignores tiny details, on the other hand it assists big dynamic forms and long subtle transitions. This way tattoos will remain spectacular even decades later.

Boris Tattoo - Zalaegerszeg, Keszthely

Boris made his first tattoos in 1992, using amateur equipment. In the following 2 years besides studying and working he made tattoos whenever he had the possibility, then he opened his current studio in 1995. He spent most of his time in the studio, but also took part in the foundation works of the Hungarian Tattoo Association and he is the provincial professional vice-president.

WestEnd Tattoo & Piercing - Budapest

One of the most successful tattoo and piercing shops in Hungary since 2001. The Tattoo studio is located in the WestEnd City Center in downtown Budapest. WestEnd Tattoo & Piercing offers a wide variety of body jewelleries, piercings, accessories, and microdermal implantations. The microdermal implantation is a form of body modification which gives the aesthetic appearance of a transdermal implant, but without the complications of the much more complicated surgery associated with transdermal implants.