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Early Childhood Development

Monkey Business

Fun and learning for you and your little monkeys: The programme is designed as a holistic approach to help children acquire all the abilities they need – motor skills, social skills and self-esteem –to grow up to be a confident, happy and successful adults. Through active hands-on play, your child will learn language; develop problem-solving skills, and master social relationships. Monkey Business also helps and supports you to become the very best parent you can be.

GEKKO - Eearly Childhood Skills Development

Eearly childhood skills development playhouse network in Hungary based on a special educational concept. Development screening: It all starts with a propietary development screening procedure backed up by a software. The system pinpoints even minor problems in a child's development profile, and certainly diagnoses ADHD, autism spectrum disorders, dyslexia and every other development disorder. Development courses: GEKKO offesr yearly development courses in order to prevent minor problems ruinning a child's life, and treating serious disorders with focused therapy. The yearly courses are available from 0 - 14 years old children - the sooner, the better. Every course consists of 48 / 96 occasions, with the participation of 3-4 children led by a highly qualified special educator.

Gingerbread House - Child minders

The Gingerbread House has been established for those parents who think it is important for their children to inherit a foreign language at an early stage, and for those who are ex-pats here in Hungary and looking for a warm family-like place for their children. Gingerbread House is officially operating as child minder, but the owners would like to give you more than that... The Gingerbread House has a Kindergarten-like daily routine where the activities are combined with developmental free play. Therefore the children won't feel like as taking an English lesson, but they will be actively involved in a natural learning process. Gingerbread House works with the Hungarian and British Curriculum combined.