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Furniture & Interior Decoration

Vitalitas Furniture Gallery - Szombathely

In the exhibition of the Vitalitas Furniture Gallery you can find furniture for living room, bedroom, kitchen in modern or classic style, in artistic or in rustic realisation, as well. It also serves for the unity of the interior decoration that in the Vitalitas Furniture Gallery you can not only choose the furniture you want, but from the window to the lamp everything, which is necessary to shape your home. Vitalitas lays specially great stress on health care: a mattress, which can be set to the body weight, household appliances, a spine-saving chair of universal use, a carpet of vegetable fibre, a table cloth free from allergens made of natural materials: they all reflect our respect for life.

Valcomprod Ltd. - Furniture & Wooden Houses

Practical furniture made of solid wood (especially pinewood and teak), which satisfy all demands. They can be fashionable, functional or traditional beautifying the rooms and gardens of everyone. custom-made small or medium-sized buildings of wood which can be beautiful and useful accessories of your courtyard, garden or your country house. Valcomprod also undertakes to build garden pavilions, garden houses, garages, tool sheds and weekend cottages. These products are made of pinewood and are of natural finish, therefore it is the customers' task to treat their surface according to their taste. The products can be produced with or without terraces, with or without floor. Their size can also be changed accordig to the customer's demands.

Pi Mobili Ltd. - Szombathely

The Pi Mobili Ltd. has been dealing with furniture retail and wholesale since 1994. Retail: exclusive quality in all price categories, furniture of any style matching your flat, resp. novelties of Hungarian furniture trend, selected Hungarian and European brands. Agency, wholesale: products for their net of middlemen (partly international) through agency and wholesale. Projects: general effectuation of projects: interior designing and planning, well organised effectuation with proper technical and logistical background, the Company takes on any kind of projects.

Classic Eurostyle

Services include interior design, individual design and manufacturing of unique furniture. The company undertakes furnishing of homes, offices, hotels, shops, mansions and other facilities with period furniture, as well as manufacturing of unique, low-series seats, upholstered furniture, accessories, interior doors, stairs, panelling, etc. The products are made of fine wood (walnut, cherry, mahogany, etc.) by traditional hand crafted workmanship. In case of individual orders the company is able to carry out surfacing by up-to-date technology. In case of personal contacts Classic Eurostyle is happy to counsel the customers to get to the final decision and make out the test of their ideas regarding their future homes.

Art Mirror - Interior Design

Company profile: interior design and production, forming the internal part of apartments, furniture production, design advice. Art Mirror's team intends to fabricate the customised furniture with the client's end in view, combined with the expertise of the professional.

modenart - Paintings

The aim of the modenart is to create unique paintings, which match harmoniously into an interior/ space by their colour, shape, material, atmosphere and style. It's often problem to find a suitable painting to a room, office, restaurant, etc., which has already got its style, atmosphere and colour scheme. The modenart would like to offer help to this problem, with creating unique, modern paintings of high level.

SA-FA Design

The SA-FA Ltd. was establised in June, 1995 with an intention of manufacturing and realizing individual furnitures. The company furnishes the interiors of flats, family-houses individually (kitchen, childrens room, bath, living and bedroom furniture); Designs and manufactures the interior decoration of our individual and serialised furnitures. The different styles (from classical to dispendious) and different materials (laminated core MDF plates, veneer-coreplywood or massive wood) make it easy to meet your request. SA-FA Design is a pecialist of counters and bars: reception desks, bars, ship-like bar, sister-counters etc.

Desidea Studio - Furniture & Lighting

Furniture categories: living room furniture - living-room system, bedroom furniture - bed, gardrobe - cupboard, upholstered furniture - club-chair, sofa, armchair, ottoman; kitchen units, chairs - barstool, chair, tables - dining table, secretary, coffe table, bracket table, computer desk, table; accessories - CD-stand, rolling bracket, drawer, bracket, bookshelve, shelve, sideboard, TV-stand, trolley, showcase. Accessories categories: mirrors; other accessories - umbrella stand, hanger, folding screen, object holder, platter, magazine rack. Lamp categories: outdoor lamps; lamps - reading lamp, desk-lamp, other lamp, chandelier, lamp-bracket, pendant, flush.

Tapétacenter - Wallpapers

No less than 8500 sorts of different German, Hungarian, Italian wallpapers, borders, picture rails. stuccos, rosettes in a wide variety. Full range of accessories for wallpaper laying, up to date wallpaper pastes. Self-adhesive wallpapers in 3 different widths. CMC, PUFAS, Metylan pastes, AS-Creation wallpapers, Rasch wallpapers, Emiliana wallpapers, Parato wallpapers, BTS wallpapers, MARBURG wallpapers, P+S wallpapers, JUVITA wallpapers, GRABO wallpaper products. The site is also available in Russian and Slovak languages.

Pannonfa - Italian Furnitures & Lamps

Pannonfa Ltd deals with solid cherry and walnut furnitures of the italian firm, ARTE BROTTO and Murano lamps of PARALUME MARINA exclusively. In the showroom - which is situated at the corner of Szilágyi E. avenue and Trombitás street - the Company exhibits all kind of furnitures (classical, Vera antichita, Fly-modern) furnitures-family in great assortment helping by it the choice from catalogues. The ordered goods are delivered in 2 months from the order.

Flat Art 2000 Apartment Art Studio

Core activity of the company is interior decoration of apartments. Flat Art provides complete service from consultation to implementation; moreover if requested the Studio also takes into account the Feng Shui rules, undertaking correct and spectacular furnishing of private houses, apartments, restaurants, offices and business premises: interior design and organization of the implementation. Most important styling reference is the IKEA catalogue for the year 2005, the text of which was also written by the Company.

Ligeti Studio - Furniture & Interior

The precursor of the Ligeti Studio was founded in 1987. It specialised in the development and manufacture of architectural interior design features. Entire production is undertaken on-site, the workshop has been established in Bernecebaráti in 1990. The purpose-built nature of the 1 hec. facility is ideal for the storage of wood-stock and providing the necessary conditions for the highest standards of modern production. The founder of the company, Ferenc Ligeti is an architect, his work typified by technical expertise, respecting form without compromise and traditional domestic thinking, allied with the transmission of the old master’s knowledge. The designers of the Ligeti Studio work closely with the craftsmen throughout production, ensuring mutual involvement during the entire design effort - from initial design to the finished product. From glass, metal or textile specialists to filigrees and wood sculptors, all are equal partners in design.

ASBOLT Textil Trade

The company has been operating in household textile retail and wholesale trade since 1990. Product range - Home textile: curtains, bedclothes, covering; Wrought-iron furniture: bed, table, sofa, bedside table. Computerized scene design, measuring on the spot, sewing for example, consultation. Retail shops are in Budapest, Szolnok, Jászberény.

Oriental Carpets Gallery

A round trip in the Caucasus was the ultimate motive for the founders to be among the first few in Hungary who ventured upon the carpet business in the beginning of the nineties. In the first few years the company offered antique oriental carpets only. After some years, analizing market demands the collection has been extended with new and modern carpets. The company is often commissioned to furnish high standard flats and to assort collections. For such tasks the company often makes use of the professional guidance of famous interior architects, interior decorators and designers. After decorative pillow-cases, bedcovers, pashmina scarves and stoles, in 2006 the selection has been enriched with individual kilim-bags and small furnitures (chests, stools, benches) too. There is a webshop on the site too where you can find antique carpets, modern carpets, knotted carpets, woven carpets, cushions and pillows, scarves, stoles, ponchos, bags, bedcovers, ottomans.

Dénes Carpet Galery

The reputed, reliable "carpet dealer" and "collector" is a decisive character in the international trade of good quality oriental carpets. The owner of this gallery has been collecting silk carpets since 1996. The soft draping of the material, the virtuous world of the colours, the daintiness of the patterns has fascinated the collector. The carpets are first of all pieces of art, however, last but not least they are also excellent investment! Collecting carpets means not only the pleasure of possessing something but also the pleasure of knowing something. There is no book in the international literature, which should not mention Hungary before the World War II. as a remarkable carpet collecting "great power" and the collection of the Museum of Fine Arts among the most important museums.

Sopron Carpet Factory

The company has a nearly 100-year-old history: the forerunner of the Sopron Carpet Factory was an Austrian carpet factory, that produced upholstery fabrics, curtains and carpets. Combining the 100-year-old expertize with modern carpet production technology the flexible company always holds its ground and today it is the single carpet factory in Hungary. The main goals are to hold on to the demands of the Hungarian market and to expand the export-market. These rugs are now available in the following countries: Germany, Italy, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia, Rumania, Serbia, the Baltic States, Russia and Australia.

Bohemia Crystal Chandelier Store

The representative Bohemia crystal chandelier store can be found on the Andrássy Avenue, a part of the world heritage, in a beautiful environment. In the store you can choose among hundreds of variable sizes, classic and modern forms. Product range - Chandeliers: Maria Teresa, secession collection, crystal splendour, classic, painted and glazed, moulding and glittering metal, engraved and slightly engraved, modern and brilliant, artistic, historical reproduction. Flipperies: caesar crystal objects, coloured crystal objects, blue crystal, pure crystals. Ornamental obejcts: jewellery, figures. The site is also available in Romanian language.

LZ Lamp - Esztergom

Making, selling and supplying modern and antique style chandeliers, wall-consols, ceiling, floor and Tiffany lamps. The chandeliers and lamps are made of standard quality materials brasse and bronze, wich are then aged to antique color, according to our costumers requierements. To the chandeliers and lamps LZ Lamp offers high standard quality shades, the grinding of wich, are made in the workshop. The shop is ready to fulfil your special requiements both in modern and antique style.

Anno 1900 - Solid Timber Furniture

The creative trades people of 1900 Bútormanufaktúra have equivocally anchored themselves at the aesthetics of the Victorian age, the industrial revolution. There is a special respect for traditions in our masters, as the touch of a ground wood, the glow of brass, the compact sight of fasteners and nails, and the love for the scent of wine is a kind of revolt against the mass products of our age.

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Lodge Furniture

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