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Embassies in Hungary

Embassy of Angola

Politics, Culture, Economy, Embassy, Investment, Tourism, Profile of Angola, National Parks, Trade. The site is also available in Portuguese language.

Australian Embassy

The website is designed for a range of different clients including those seeking information on immigration, visas, business opportunities and consular information, on each of which there are separate distinct sections. It does not aim to be encyclopaedic but rather suggests linkages where visitors to the site can find a wide range of information not covered specifically on our website. For Australian citizens the site attempts to provide information relevant to living or travelling in the region as well as on events taking place in the region which have an Australian aspect to them.

Canadian Embassy

Canada's embassy in Hungary offers a number of services to both Canadian citizens and Hungarians alike! In addition, the embassy covers the country of Slovenia. About Canada, Come to Canada, Trade with Canada, Study in Canada, Culture in Canada, Assisting Canadians, News from Canada, etc.

Brazilian Embassy

The Brazilian Embassy in Hungary is located in Budapest, the country's capital at the Alkotás Point business center. For additional information, please refer to the pages in Portuguese or Hungarian.

Embassy of Belarus

Embassy, Visa information, Visa application form, Legislation, Tourism in Belarus, Links.

Embassy of the Czech Republic

About the Embassy, general Information on the Czech Republic, the Czech Republic and the EU, Economy and Trade, Visa and Consular Services, News & Events.

Embassy of India

The purpose of the web site is to put you in touch with India, give you basic information and facilitate links to other web sites dealing with India. Also, here is information on how to contact our Embassy and the services provided.

Embassy of Finland

Current affairs, calendar, embassy, consular services, Finnland in Hungary, about Finnland, links.

Embassy of Iran

Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran. On Iran: politics, economy, culture, tourism. Consular and student affairs. Important news about Iran. Embassy affairs, current events, announcements.

Royal Netherlands Embassy

The Royal Netherlands Embassy represents the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Hungary. One of the Embassy’s tasks is to protect the interests of the Dutch citizens living in Hungary for shorter or longer periods of time. On this site you will find information both on the Embassy and the Netherlands.

Embassy of Pakistan

This website provides information about Pakistan through relevant links to websites in Hungary. It contains information about Pakistan. Information is available about our consular and commercial services.

Embassy of Nigeria

Embassy of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Budapest, Hungary with concurrent accreditation to Croatia, Slovenia and Bosnia-Herzegovina. The site gives a panoramic view of the role of the Nigerian mission in Hungary and the functional roles of each department of the Mission. This includes General Administration, Consular and Immigration matters especially the welfare and well being of Nigerians in our host country. In addition, the Mission's role in promoting direct foreign investment to Nigeria and vice versa is highlighted.

Embassy of Moldova

Republic of Moldova's Embassy in Budapest accredited for Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Holy See. The purpose of this site is to to provide assistance and up-to-date information about the country, as well as to describe some important aspects to be taken into consideration when travelling to Moldova. There is also a variety of interesting and useful links provided in the site for your guidance. The Embassy is responsible for bilateral political, economic and cultural relations between Moldova and Hungary, as well as with other countries of accreditation, and makes efforts to keep and further develop the established fruitful collaboration between these countries, in different mutually beneficial fields. Besides, they provide consular services on a regular basis.

Embassy of Denmark

Official website of the Royal Danish Embassy in Budapest. Here you can find information about Danish trade, culture, relevant links etc.: Consular Services, About Denmark, Commercial Services, Travel And Tourism, The Embassy. The site is also available in Danish language.

Embassy of Sweden

The Embassy, News & Events, Trade & Investment, Visit Sweden, Study in Sweden, Work & Live in Sweden, Services for Swedes, About Sweden, Links.

Embassy of the United States

About the Embassy, American citizen services, visas to the U.S., U.S. policy & issues, about the U.S.A.

Embassy of Switzerland

Embassy Budapest, Representations in Switzerland, Key data, Bilateral relations, Information about Switzerland, Travel Advice: Hungary (de), Living abroad, Assistance abroad, Export promotion and investment protection, Entering Switzerland.

Royal Thai Embassy

Tips & facts for tourists, visa & consular information, trade & economic relations, Thailand - Hungarian relations.