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Funeral Services

Budapest Funeral Institute Plc.

Complex activities are based on a properly organised system and modern technologies. Apart from the traditional (coffined) and incinerated (urned) ways of funerals, the company has been providing clients with the oppertunity for years to disperse the incinerated mortal remains. In relation to the main activities, the Institute offers the entire range of auxiliary services ,as from a wide selection of floristic products to the mintenance of graves. With a view to any respective regulatory requirements, the Company is also open to undertaking services meeting specialized demands.

Dolorosa Kft. - Piety Programmes

Funeral feast Organisation - Being together, talking and remembering to the valuable person, for our heart, could help to take easier this really hard moment, and it brings together your relatives. The company would like to offer help and knowledge organising a memorial. In the cemetery immediately after the funeral (in Budapest "Fiumei úti Sírkert" and "Újköztemető"), you can bee together, with relatives, in a nice, calm environment, and you can remember to Her/Him. In case you need food specialities, and sandwiches could be delivered to your home. - Funeral, cemeteries

Everything that is necessary to acomplish a sorrowful obligation. All companies in Hungary that can assist you with their services in connection with funeral procedures, specified according to counties and regions. You can find the nearest company or the one offering the most convenient service for you.

Antea International Funeral Home Ltd.

Since 1994, the Company has been mainly engaged in transporting foreign deceased persons from Hungary to their respective home countries (mainly Germany, Austria, Italy and USA). In the last few years, ANTEA International Funeral Home has got more and more frequently entrusted with the transportation of deceased Hungarian people to Hungary from abroad and, afterwards, with the organization and performance of the funeral (in cooperation with the competent funeral authority). In most cases, ANTEA International Funeral Home has been authorized by the insurers to perform transportation, or it has been authorized by the relevant Embassies.

Kegyelet Kft.

Full-scale burial services: obituary, gravestone-wrecking, clod tongs, document administration, wreath production, winding-sheet, urn, cross, devotional article, cemetery transportation, headboard, press release, hearse service, burial accessory, civilian funeral oration, urn cover, gravestone, sepulture booking, gravestone renovation, incineration, floral tribute, coffin, burial insurance, international corpse transport, gravestone manufacture.

AEVUM undertaking Budapest

The company's main profile - within the line of funeral undertaking- is to arrange the incineration of the deceased, funerals within Budapest, domestic deceased transportation and repatriations into every details. The company operates four offices at the moment within the territory of Budapest.