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Adventure Holidays

Soviet Paintball

Besides single participants and circles of private friends, paintball is strongly recommended for companies and institutions that would like to spend some free time together. Several days lasting training courses and conferences can be enriched by a relaxed game with excitement and entertainment. Momentary Soviet Paintball disposes of several paintball playfields in different locations of the country: in Szentendre and in Fort Monostor. However, there is also the possibility to accomplish the game on a suitable place by the customer's choice. The mobile paintball field has been already used by several thousands of persons on the 'Sportsziget', 'Pepsi sziget' and on other company events. Next to the paintball square there are two quad fields in use. The participants can test their skills and courage on a field with steep turns and ditches.


For the first time in Hungary - Outdoor lasertag (also usable indoors) The first realistic outdoor war game that causes no pain and has zero negative influence on the environment. This is an ideal possibility to play war games for such people who up till now could only play in front of their computer and who fear a real life combat, because at the danger of injuries. The playing field in Szentendre satisfies the needs of very advanced players as well as the expectations of beginners. Over 10.000 m2 large are the specifically adapted building complexes. Besides that there are 7 naturally and artificially built safety walls and dig trenches. Other lasertag field in Fort Monostor has an approx. size of a football field, rectangular form. Typically accomplished Lasertag games: last men standing, capture the flag, saving the hostages, strategy Lasertag.


The SURVIVE-ALL® Organization was first established in The Netherlands in 1992 by the trainers and teachers of the Royal Dutch Marines, the hardest military training in the world. They adapted the marines. training into programs for the physically average or weak people. Main aims are team building and to cultivate the personalities with the help of psychologists and leading trainers. In 1996 SURVIVE-ALL® was set up in Hungary too. Through regular contacts there are many possibilities of combining any of the following program blocks: Paintball Lasertag, Outdoor training, Caving tour, Survival tour, Quad, etc.


The worldwide popular Lasertag combines the advantages of the indoor laser games and the paintball. Great for incentive events, teambuilding workshops, birthdays parties or just for fun. The game is available for everybody: colleagues, families, friends or even school groups...

Tank Driving - Baj

You can experience the incomparable feeling of driving real Tanks: GSP-55 "Pegasus", ZSU-23-4 - "Shilka", T-55 ARV Armored recovery vehicle, T-55 A, MTLBU "Lightning". All these vehicles can be driven on an authentic terrain of 55 acres, full of obstacles in form of individual tours or group programs. The group tank driving programs are ideal for team building, stag parties, business partner meetings or corporate parties. There is also possibility for product presentations with tank show.

Pannon Paintball Szentendre

Located at Szentendre, the biggest paintball filed near Budapest on a former Russian military base with 5 different playing fields. Including: many multi level buildings, forest, car wrecks, different speed ball fields with truck tiers, hay bales, trench field. Full clothing and some refreshments are included in the price. The English speaking guides help the teams around the fields cleaning the equipment when necessary. If it is required they provide Hungarian gulyas or BBQ-s or other speciality.

Adventure Travel to Hungary – Huncool Tours

Adventure tours and sightseeing tours in Budapest and Hungary. The biggest collection of adventure trips in Budapest and Hungary.