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Horse Riding

Galopp Horse Riding Holiday Village - Zamárdi

Horse riding and accommodation in one place. The holiday village can be found in Zamardi, on the Southern shore of Lake Balaton. The company offers a variety of horseback trails and equestrian holidays in Somogy County and around the lake, and gives horse riding lessons. The accommodation is in old-style cottages equipped with original furniture. The shingled restaurant, the holiday village and the medieval-style market lie on a 10-acre area 550 yards from the beach, and have more than 10,000 visitors a year. The site is also available in Polish, Finnish and Japanese languages.

Epona - Riding School & Horse Breeding

The Epona Ltd. was established in 1990. The company operated the horse village of Hortobágy, which was built up in 1992. The owner of the hortobágy stud which contained almost 400 horses was also the Epona Ltd. From 1991 in cooperation with the horse association of Holstein the company raised sport horses. The company's riding school is found 42kms far from Budapest in a 5 hectare amazing area surrounded by forests. The stable has 14 boxes. For training possibilities there are two outdoor riding schools next to the indoor arena. Other activities - Horse breeding, sale of horses, horse shows, performances.

Thousandangels Horse Riding - Kutasó

Located in a small village, Kutasó, in Hungary, Thousandangels Riding offers services to you, your family and friends during the whole year. The horse riding school organizes riding camps for children between age of 8 and 15 during summer and winter holidays. Moreover, occasionally, individually or organized as small group of adults or children for shorter or longer period, you are welcome, can learn and experience horseback riding, or enjoy freedom of riding out on nearby hills and in the surrounding forests.

Akademia Horse Riding School Budapest

The riding school of the Akadémia Riding Club fulfills all the needs of experienced riders and also those wishing to try riding for the first time. Situated in Budapest, it’s also within easy reach for city dwellers. The 3 hectare facility provides an excellent opportunity to spend leisure time in an active and exciting way, plus the unique chance to enjoy the experience of being around the horses and a variety of other domestic animals.