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Kalandra Fel! - Sailboat Rental on Balaton

Kalandra fel! Yacht Charter is a Sailboat rental company, organizing sailing tours along the southern coast of Balaton, Balatonlelle. The company offers weekend getaways from Balatonlelle to Badacsony, Szigliget, or Tihany, Füred and Siófok. If you have a whole week to spend, your destination may also be Kenese, Keszthely, or you can even take a whole tour around the lake Balaton. If you already have a sailing licence, you can rent a boat, or you can ask for a captain to accompany you on your adventure. The boats are perfect for spending a holiday with your family, throwing a birthday or nameday party, going fishing for the weekend, organizing a team building for your collegues, or even just for gathering with your friends.

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