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Association of the Castles of Northern Hungary

The founding members of the association are the representatives of the following castles: Boldogkőváralja, Hollókő, Kisnána, Ónod, Regéc, Cserépváralja, Sárospatak, Sirok, Szerencs, Tokaj, Diósgyőr, Eger, Füzér. The purpose of the association was at the time of it's foundation to represent and coordinate the interests of the legal and natural persons, managing the castles of Northen Hungary. In addition to it to give them professional assistance in conservation, professional restoration, maintenance, management and development of the castles, also establishing joint touristic and marketing activities, professional support of the utilization (exhibitions, events, etc.) of the castles and to take part in the scientific researches related to castles. Furthermore to set up and continously maintain a database, that contains the parameters and description of the castles in Northen-Hungary and to publish information about the activities and existence of these castles on a regular base.

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Castles of Hungary

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There is a site with many info about that Hungarian castles: