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Churches & Abbeys - Churches of Hungary

Photographic collection on Hungary's churches for those who are gathering information for purposes of professional or academic research; and for those who are generally intrigued by architecture. No less significantly, the site inspire inspire visitors to take initiative to explore their neighboring areas, towns, villages and especially churches. - Churches & Bells in the Historical Hungary

The aim of the site is to give a wide glance into the diversity of the Hungarian churches. Visitors can find here pictures and external and internal description of buildings; and can read about wall paintings, altars, statues, pulpits, organs and bells. Bells get especially big emphasis, because in everyday life we can hear very little about them.

Kolostorút - Hungarian Monasteries

Comprehensive informatio about Hungarian Monasteries: Monasteries in Western Hungary Monasticism in Western Hungary, Monasticism and monasteries, History of Monasticism in Hungary, Monasteries and Culture, Monasteries and Art, Monastic cultural routes in Hungary.

Archabbey of Pannonhalma

Pannonhalma has been a sacred place for Hungarians for more than a thousand years. Both Prince Géza, who selected the location for the monks to settle in 996, and King Saint Stephen were convinced that the great bishop of Tours, Saint Martin was born near "Mons Sacer" or "Sacred Mountain". The foundation of the monastery was instrumental in the development of the Christian culture in medieval Hungary. It is a "world heritage", indeed, which opens a window onto the reality of God as well as onto the values of universal human culture.

Matthias Church - Buda Castle

Spiritual life: community, parish office, information for pilgrims. The Church: introduction, history. Reconstruction: events, condition, plans. Tourism: services, registration form. Music life: concert calendar, choir and orchestra, the organ, history, music publications.