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Jegymester On-line Ticket Selling

This website provides on-line programme information about the following theatres and museums: Budapest Festival Orchestra Erkel Theatre Játékszín Hungarian State Opera House Museum of Fine Arts National Theatre Pesti Theatre Vígszínház Aranytíz Teátrum BUDAfEST Ferencváros Festival GNM Színitanoda The most up-to-date information about performances and number of tickets of the theatres connected to this system is available here.

Festivalcity - Budapest Festival Center

As of January 1, 1996 the Budapest Festival Center Kht. has been the official organizer of various cultural events of the Municipality of Budapest. Since its establishment, the office has maintained good work relationship with similar international and Hungarian program offices, and has organized festivals. Since 1996, the three major annual festivals of Budapest, the Spring Festival, the Budapest Fair and the Autumn Festival have been organized, as exclusive coordinator, by the Budapest Festival Center Kht. The office operates according to the concept of "Budapest- A Festival City". Due to our accomplishments, Budapest has gained world-wide recognition as a city of arts and culture, and our vision is to rank Budapest among the leading cultural capitals of Europe. To a varying extent, the Budapest Festival Center Kht. participates in every cultural event taking place in Budapest. The site is also available in Russian.

Hungaroring - Formula 1 Hungarian Grand Prix

Official website of the race track which hosts the Formula 1 Hungarian Grand Prix: The Hungaroring circuit is 19 km from the centre of Budapest, alongside the M3 motorway at the border of the village, Mogyoród. The track is in a natural valley, surrounded by 50 hectares of rolling hillside. With this exceptional natural advantage, almost 80 percent of the racetrack is visible from any point.

Hungariakoncert - Programs in Budapest

Hungarian Folklor tickets - Hungarian State Folk Ensemble, Danube Folk Ensemble,and Rajko Folk Ensemble. Symphony Concert tickets, Danube Concert tickets - Danube Symphony Orchestra represents the musical tradition of Hungarian romanticism all over the world. Organ Concert tickets - Organ Concert program was adapted for the organ of St. Anne Church by Gábor Lehotka, professor of the Academy of Music in Budapest. Dinner & Cruise tickets, Ship tickets Budapest by night - A ship cruise on the Danube with candlelit smorgasboard dinner and drinks. Jewish Heritage Tour in Budapest tickets - acquaints you with the life, culture and history of the largest Central European diaspora. Hungarikum ship tickets - Not only a classical guided tour, but also acquaint you with some of products Hungary is famous for worldwide.

Budapest Fringe Festival

The Budapest Fringe Festival is a side-runner to the core festival, the Budapest Spring Festival (Budapesti Tavaszi Fesztivál – BTF). It's something like a huge Talent Show at the cost of the production price. The role of the Fringe is to gather and in some way support the less known (underground) artists through securing a place for their performance. This movement started out as an initiative from the Scottish Edinburgh International Festival in 1947 and has been a conjunctive program to various international festivals ever since. The essence of the Fringe is that the organizers who have carefully selected the programs for the main festival open a parallel platform for a series of events where all applicants can perform. The festival provides a venue for their performance; however, all other costs are borne by participants. Performers can advertise their show prior and during the festival, creating a busy, colourful and spectacular atmosphere of a “big cavalcade” unique to Fringe Festivals.

Interoperett - Operetta Concerts

During the past 15 years Interoperett gave over 100 concerts each year in Pesti Vigadó between April and October. Since March 2005, the evergreen melodies of Lehár, Ábrahám and Strauss can be heard starting at 20:30 in a new theatre with the participation of the Budapest Lehár Orchestra, the Interoperett Dancegroup and celebrated artists of the Hungarian opera and operetta.

Jewish Summer Festival

The Jewish Summer Festival is one of Hungary’s most important, most visited and most interesting cultural art events. Even strata of the population usually less interested all year round in cultural events are drawn to this event held on the last week of summer. Visitors may gain a glimpse into a culture they’re not really familiar with and can become part of it. They can get to know the traditions and holidays of a several thousand-year-old culture, and in addition see artists and performers who will offer them a once in a lifetime experience.

Hungarian operetta "The Circus Princess" in Chicago

Posted by Anonymous User at May 22, 2012 07:50 PM

Chicago Folks Operetta is proud to present "The Circus Princess" by Emmerich Kalman at the Chopin Theatre in Chicago June 8-July 1. It will be the first performance in America in 84 years and the world premiere of our new English translation. Yvonne Kalman, the composer's daughter, will be in attendance at the opening weekend performances. Featuring 4 cirucs performers, including an aerialist; 6 dancers; cast of 24, 19-piece orchestra and incredibly romantic music. For information and tickets go to