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Zoos & Botanical Gardens

Budapest Zoo & Botanical Garden

A conservation and research centre with internationally important breeding programmes for endangered native and exotic species. Childrens' Zoo for close encounter with tame animals. "Animals in action show" twice a day. A leading animal collection in Eastern Europe with more than 2000 animals. Spectacular animal display representing the African savannah, the artic area, and the wetland habitats. The population of more than 200 primates is of international repute. Large family groups of playful monkeys. A lovely park under conservation order with remarkable trees, shrubs and flower beds. An oasis of calm in a busting city. Farm in the metropolis - ancient Hungarian livestock: swallow bellied woolly pigs, bold necked hens, spotted cattle, mudi dogs, cikta sheep, hucul horse is shown a peasant farm of period buildings from the upper Tisza region. A 140 year's old beautiful zoo - listed art noveau and national style buildings of the best Hungarian architects of the century.

Sóstó Zoo - Nyíregyháza

The Zoo of Nyíregyháza is situated in a distance of 5 kilometres from the city, in the holiday resort of Sóstó where the beach, the open-air village museum and the forest offer various entertainment facilities for the visitors. The zoo is placed deep in an untouched forest, in a 30 hectare are divided into so-called continents where visitors can go around the world and observe how animals live in different parts of the World.

Veszprém Zoo

The Kittenberger Zoological Garden of Veszprém is one of the oldest Hungarian zoos. It is situated in the picturesque Fejes Valley located within 15 minutes of walking distance from the historical downtown district of Veszprém, just 15 km off Lake Balaton. The Zoo had a very rich animal collection during the seventies, featuring notable animals such as Böbe, the entire country's favourite chimpanzee. Her grave and statue may be viewed by the entrance. In addition to carrying out a multilingual public relations effort, the Zoo also places a high emphasis on education and training - children are invited to participate in zoological workshops, outdoors environmental and biology classes as well as summer camps. The site is also available in Esperanto language.

Zoo and Botanical Garden in Jászberény

The Zoo in Jaszbereny was established by the former refrigerating factory LEHEL. The establishment was opened in 1979. At the early time there were displayed mostly different kinds of fowls, ungulates and different monkeys. On the 4,5 hectare area the zoo and the arboretum was definitely separated from each other. Now the Zoo takes the main task as the education beside the natural demonstration of the animals. The English site is currently unavailable.

Tropicarium - Budapest

The largest aquarium in Central-Europe on 3000 m2 known as Tropicarium-Oceanarium was opened in 2000. The wildlife to be seen there is so varied that it is fair to say that a visit to the Tropicarium almost equals a visit to the far and exotic places of the world.